Jimmy Fallon & Lewis Black Slam Kentucky & Texas


Over the past week, Kentucky Junior Senator and Libertarian darling Rand Paul and New Jersey Governor (and darling of anyone who can respect when people in politics drop their partisan shield and actually work with the other side) Chris Christie got into a much-televised spat over who spends what and who is the real welfare queen amongst other things. Inevitably, the feud, which most analysts say Christie clearly won when Paul was forced to go on the Republican National Channel (Fox News) and essentially apologize for breaking St. Ron’s “11th Commandment” and promise to go back to his corner of Kentucky and behave himself.

Of course the feud caught the attention of late night comedians, with all the shows taking gratuitous shots at Christie and Paul. Perhaps the best was from Jimmy Fallon, who gave us this gem that can appeal to anyone who likes politics, humor or bacon.

Here’s the video:

Of course, this wasn’t the only great political humor to come around lately. AI recently covered Lewis Black’s new ‘ad’ taking on Texas and all its boasting and well known tendency to look down on other states, particularly the Big Apple.

Here’s the video:

One might say New York / New Jersey is 2 for 2 this week in oneupmanship, thanks to Black and Fallon. Texas and Kentucky may want to step up their game. And of course, Bacon always wins. Unless it’s an annoying band with your brother.