George Zimmerman Pulled Over In Texas, Tells Police He Has A Gun

George Zimmerman repeatedly molested his then-6-year-old cousin.

Zimmerman was stopped by law enforcement in Kaufman County, Texas, going ‘Nowhere in particular’ and that he definitely had another firearm with him. Image from

Whether or not George Zimmerman got the gun that he is now keeping in the glove compartment of his Honda from the Florida gun shop that offered him a free replacement weapon just a few weeks ago, or whether he bought it on his own using some of the $12,000 sent to him for that purpose, by an Ohio firearms rights group, might be a question that will have to go unanswered for now. What is known, however, is that Zimmerman was stopped by law enforcement in Kaufman County, Texas, that he was going “Nowhere in particular” and that he definitely had another firearm with him.

A Forney police officer pulled Zimmerman’s 2008 Honda over for speeding, on Sunday, July 28th. Zimmerman told the officer that he had a firearm in the vehicle, and the officer reportedly instructed him to put it in the glove compartment of his vehicle. Following this, Zimmerman asked the officer if he recognized him from TV.

He was given a verbal warning, according to CBS Reporter, J.D. Miles. Since he apparently has no warrants for his arrest, and was not breaking any laws by having possession of the firearm in Texas, the only thing he could have been charged with was the speeding violation. The entire traffic stop appears to have lasted only about 4 minutes, with the Honda being pulled over at 12:47 and police issuing a “Clear” at 12:51. While CBS reports that it was “determined” that he had no warrants for his arrest, it is unclear whether a thorough check on an out-of-state driver could have been performed in such a short time. It is also unclear what George Zimmerman is doing in Texas this week.

With questions and suspicions surrounding his (alleged) “dramatic rescue” of a family involved in a car accident still on many people’s minds, along with renewed interest in allegations made by a female cousin, who claims Zimmerman molested her for 13 years, one can only imagine what he is suddenly doing in Texas. Protests continue to be held across the country and the state of Florida is now the focus of a growing national boycott that targets businesses and manufacturers who operate in the state where an adult was allowed to murder an unarmed teenager and walk away free. Last week, one juror also came forward admitting publicly that the majority opinion of the jury was that he was guilty, but Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Laws” left them no choice but to allow him to walk away free. With all of that going on, along with the looming threat of a Federal Case being mounted against him, the question seems to be whether he is just trying to “get away for a while” or if there’s something more to his sudden trip west.