Ten Questions For Ken Cuccinelli About Adultery Laws (HUMOR)

Ken Cuccinelli, candidate in the race for Governor of the state of Virginia, not only wants anti-sodomy laws in his state, but apparently also supports laws that would lead to the prosecution of those who commit the crime of adultery. Cuccinelli told Style Weekly (2008) that he supported laws criminalizing extramarital sex.

Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as a clown juggling balls and Jesus toys.

How should a Christian nation punish criminals who commit adultery? And what about porn? Death? Or just castration? With apologies to www.politico.com from Elisabeth Parker.

Understanding that the right wing wants to ensure that everyone in the United States lives a life which is acceptable to God and conducted in a manner which is according to a set of strong Biblical standards, I can imagine how a majority of Virginia’s voters would support such a good, old fashioned law. Cuccinelli is promoting a theocratic model of government for Virginia, which looks somewhat like what the Taliban have going on in different areas of the Middle East, but it’s better because it’s based on the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, as opposed to the Koran.

Before I make up my mind regarding whether or not I support criminal prosecution for adultery, I have have compiled a list of ten important questions regarding any suggested  adultery laws.

  1. Could we make them retroactive? If that is the case, there are a good many “family values” type politicians and right wing political pundits that I admit I wouldn’t mind seeing behind bars; Newt Gingrich, John Boehner, Mike Duvall, Mark Sanford, Joh Ensign, Rudy Giuliani etc…
  2. Can the adultery-committing criminal get double time if they are caught in an adulterous relationship on the day of ,or the day after, they’ve made a public speech about “protecting the sanctity of marriage” – or if they were elected to public office on a platform of preserving “wholesome family values?”
  3. Can the criminal get triple time if they solicit gay sex or are caught in a gay sex scandal, while publicly campaigning about the evils of homosexuality?
  4. Since it’s a Biblical law, would we use Jesus’ definition of marriage; “Whosoever looks at a women to lust after her, he has comitted adultery with her already.”
  5. If we did use Jesus definition would men have their eyes poked out for looking at a woman to lust after her, or would women just be stoned for looking a man in the eye so as to “tempt him” into lusting after her?
  6. If we don’t use Jesus definition, how can say we are a Christian nation?
  7. Since Jesus clearly was speaking only to men when he said “Whosoever looks at a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already,” does that mean that only men can be found guilty of adultery?
  8. What will be the punishment for watching porn? Death or just castration?
  9. How will we know if a man is looking at a woman to lust after her or just looking at her because he can’t tell who she is if he doesn’t?
  10. Will this law create a lot of jobs or just a few?