‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Opens Fire On Car Full Of Kids Because Dad Tried To Turn Around In Her Driveway

Margie Rhea Ramey's mugshot photo, courtesy WBIR

Margie Rhea Ramey’s mugshot photo, courtesy WBIR

You know how sometimes you get lost and you just don’t have anywhere to turn around except by using someone’s driveway? Well, don’t ever let that happen to you in the backwoods of Tennessee.

Oscar Scott and his family of seven decided to go out for a nice Sunday visit to Bays Mountain Park in northeastern Tennessee. When it was time to go home, they thought it’d be nice to take the scenic route. After enjoying some scenery, they came across Bays Mountain Road and took it, curious to see if it would take them back to the park. After going a ways down the road, they noticed that the road became very narrow and turned in to what Scott described as “an old log road.” Figuring it was best to turn around, he put the car in reverse, and chaos ensued.

Margie Rhea Ramey saw the car go into reverse from her front porch, where she’d been sitting with a few other people. Sick of people who were “tearing up her driveway,” Margie started yelling. Before they even touched her driveway, Scott’s son asked “Does she got a gun?” and Margie opened fire on the SUV carrying five children, ages four to twelve. She fired two shots, one hitting close to where the children were seated in the car. Scott’s wife yelled to her that they were simply turning around, but ol’ Margie wasn’t having it. Scott put pedal to the metal and got them out of there as fast as he could and called the police.

Ramey was arrested and released on a $1,000 bond Sunday night. She is charged with seven counts of reckless endangerment.

When a little old lady has a gun to defend herself and her home, that’s fine. When she uses that gun to keep people off her driveway like the old man who shakes his cane telling those kids to get off his lawn, then we have a problem. This is not ‘responsible gun ownership’ by any stretch of the imagination. This is an angry old lady who decided to take it out on a car full of kids. But, you see, this is ‘Murica, land of the free-to-have-a-gun-even-though-you’re-a-batshit-crazy-psycho-idiot-with-no-regard-for-human-life.

‘Murica, where the motto is ‘Fuck you, I’ve got mine.’