Texas Republicans Attempting To Slam Six Week Abortion Ban Through Legislature During Special Session

TX State Rep. Phil King

Texas Republicans are now completely drunk on power, and trying to force through an even MORE extreme anti-abortion bill. Photo of Texas GOP State Rep. Phil King from Parker County Blog.

The ink is not even dry on Texas’ new draconian anti-abortion bill that will close most abortion clinics in the state and ban abortion after 20 weeks, and already, Republicans have introduced yet another bill aimed at banning the procedure after six weeks.

Texas state Republican Rep. Phil King has introduced HB 59, which if passed, would ban abortion as early as six weeks after conception upon discovery of a fetal heartbeat.

According to the bill’s language,

“A person may not knowingly perform or induce or attempt to perform or induce an abortion on a pregnant woman with the specific intent of causing or abetting the termination of the life of the unborn child if it has been determined, in accordance with Section 171.103, that the unborn child has a detectable heartbeat.”

This latest move by Republicans came just mere hours after Perry signed HB 2 into law, and shows that Texas Republicans are not stopping their war on women across the state. Instead, Republicans are emboldened to strip women of their reproductive rights even more, despite the fact that women oppose their efforts.

This bill goes hand in hand with the transvaginal ultrasound mandate currently on the books in Texas. That law was passed in 2011 in the same manner as HB 2 was passed earlier this month- via emergency session. It has since been proved that transvaginal ultrasounds do not change women’s minds about having an abortion and the law only required that women undergo the invasive procedure in order to get one. But now Texas Republicans are electing to use the transvaginal ultrasound law as a weapon to ban the procedure. Most women choose to have an abortion earlier than 12 weeks. So the only way a physician can see and hear the fetus that early is with- you guessed it- a transvaginal ultrasound, which means thousands of women across the Lone Star State will be denied an abortion if HB 59 passes.

The Texas legislature is currently still in a special session called by Governor Rick Perry so that Republicans can force through any legislation they want. So when such a special session is called, Republicans usually use the time to slam through anti-abortion legislation that would otherwise fail during a normal session. In other words, Republicans are resorting to suspending the democratic process to silence the opposition in order to force their will upon the women of the state.

Texas Republicans are now completely drunk on power. They have already passed one of the most draconian anti-abortion laws in the nation and are now trying to force through a bill that’s even more extreme. The way things are going, Texas Republicans may end up passing a bill banning abortion entirely since they know there’s nothing Democrats and women can do to stop them. Clearly, Texas Republicans do not care about women in their state. They only seem to care about hijacking women’s reproductive rights and placing all of their reproductive decisions under the authority of the state government. That’s not small government, folks. It’s big government at it’s most terrifying.