Integrity Of Issa’s IRS Investigation Questioned On Capital Hill


After months of baseless allegations and shameless wasting of taxpayer dollars, Darrell Issa (R-CA) will be facing some serious questions as to the nature of a Republican led smear campaign against the President and the IRS. On July 18th, 2013, J. Russel George, the Treasury Department’s Inspector General of Tax Administration, along with other witnesses with information on the Tea Party/IRS investigation, are set to testify on Capital Hill. During the hearing, they will be called upon to explain the nature of the IRS investigation and face questions about the partisan manner in which it was handled. While Darrell Issa will be overseeing the hearing, he may also find himself having to justify his actions and try to defend his allegations against the president, now that they have been debunked.

Over the course of weeks and months since the “IRS scandal” first became a Republican media talking point, a lot of new information has been brought to light about the supposed targeting of Tea Party groups which applied for tax exempt status. For starters, there was the revelation that the IRS did not just flag Tea Party and conservatives groups, as was alleged by some Republican representatives. The evidence shows that democratic and independent groups were also flagged. None of the Tea Party groups that were flagged by the IRS were denied tax exempt status, another revelation that has come to light since the investigation first commenced. Later it also became apparent that the IRS Inspector General was instructed by Issa himself, not to look at any other groups when he was asked to create the report. After that, further information was brought to light suggesting that both Issa and George have attempted to keep important facts about the investigation from being released to the public and to the Oversight Committee. As late as last week, George personally intervened to block Congress from obtaining documents related to the investigation.

Now that these witnesses are being brought to the stand to testify before Congress, Politico reports that Democrats and Independents have a lengthy list of questions regarding the IRS investigation. Since becoming head of the House Oversight committee, Issa has led investigations into several “non-scandals,” including Fast and Furious, Benghazi and others, in which it seems the sole intent has been to try to smear the President or connect him in some way to any problem that has ever occurred within the country. It’s time that someone had the opportunity to investigate the baseless IRS investigation which has been a monumental waste of time and taxpayer resources.

Even after an overwhelming amount of evidence was revealed showing that the flagging of Tea Party groups was not politically motivated and was in no way connected to the President, and even after the testimony of IRS employees supported that conclusion, Issa, along with other House Republicans continued to advance the entirely false notion that the President himself has engaged in some type of wrong doing. The implication is that he directed the IRS to target his political enemies. What seems apparent is that in this case, the accuser (Darrell Issa) is the guilty of the crime. He has repeatedly used his office to advance baseless attacks on his political enemies. When taxpayer resources are involved, as they are when the House Oversight Committee wastes time and money on conducting Republican smear campaigns against both the President and the IRS (two of the “greatest enemies” of the Republican party) then an investigation of the investigator is highly in order.