Woman Attacks 73-Year-Old Musician On Stage After He Dedicates Song To Trayvon Martin (VIDEO)

Lester Chambers, from http://www.lester-chambers.com/

Lester Chambers, from http://www.lester-chambers.com/

A musician performing at a blues festival was attacked on stage, allegedly for dedicating a song to Trayvon Martin.

Lester Chambers, the 73-year-old man who was part of the 1960’s soul group The Chambers Brothers, was performing at the Hayward Russell City Blues Festival in California on Saturday when he dedicated Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready” to Trayvon.

Chambers started the song with words of unity, saying, “We need to come together, in the mind, in the heart, in the soul. […] Lives should be as pretty to all of us as a shirt with a multitude of colors… Let’s color the world with love.” These words apparently did not resonate with everyone, as¬†toward the end of the song is when 43-year-old Dinalynn Andrews Potter jumped on stage and pushed Chambers to the ground. It’s believed that she yelled something to the extent of “It’s all your fault” while attacking him.

Here’s the video of the incident. The madness starts right around the 4:18 mark:

Chambers was taken to the hospital, where it was found that he suffered bruised rib muscles and some nerve damage. On his Facebook page, he reports being sore. There is a picture of a long bruise on his back. His son reports on his Facebook page that the elder Chambers is afraid to perform live anymore.

The assailant, Andrews Potter, was arrested and charged with suspicion of battery (although since the attack was witnessed by so many and was even recorded, I don’t know how she was charged with only suspicion) which is a misdemeanor. She was released soon after. The Hayward Police have said they reserve the possibility of adding more charges.

A Facebook page was started called Charge Dinalynn Andrews Potter With A Hate Crime, calling for police to pursue harsher charges on Andrews Potter based on the alleged racist comments she was yelling on stage during the attack and before security finally subdued her.