In Texas, Tampons Are A Bigger Threat Than Guns According To The Capitol Police

Come and take it

That’s right. Guns aren’t seen as a threat, but tampons are. The message is crystal clear: The war on women is real, ladies. Very real. It’s the ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ brought to life. Image from Jessica W. Luther’s blog.

Texas makes no secret of the war being waged on women, declaring feminine hygiene products off-limits at the Texas state Capitol building.

As the Texas senate gets ready for a second vote on the stifling and unreasonable abortion bill, women of all walks of life are making their way into the building, gathering in support of their cause. But those entering the building have seen their tampons and maxi pads confiscated. The reason? To avoid disruption of the vote due to these feminine hygiene products being thrown at the Senators according to Jessica Luther, a freelance writer and pro-choice activist, who reported the news via Twitter. Her news was confirmed by a Department of Public Safety official who also told her that despite the concerns about disruption of the vote, concealed-carry guns were still being allowed.

That’s right. Guns aren’t seen as a threat, but tampons are. This is just another piece of evidence, and if you haven’t wanted to accept it yet, the message is crystal clear. The war on women is real, ladies. Very real. It’s a proverbial “two steps” from Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale” come to life.

Questions quickly arose about the logistics of confiscating feminine hygiene products, especially for women on their cycles who need them, which led the security officials to begin allowing them to be brought in. However, tampons and maxi pads were not the only things being confiscated. Reports say that jars of urine, feces, and paint have been confiscated, as well as glitter and confetti. No clear word on whether it was the anti-abortion or pro-choice side who was trying to bring that in.

There is also no word on who or how many people are concealed-carrying during the vote, but recently one Texas senator interviewed by a conservative site was quoted as saying that he often carries a concealed weapon.

This is the last stand. This is a major battle in the war being waged on women. Those working to limit women, to restrict women, to push us back into an age where we had no rights, no say, no freedoms to make any decisions, are tireless and relentless in their efforts. Women must push forward, never letting their words, their efforts, their vitriol keep us from the rights that those women who came before us worked so hard and fought so long to attain. Today they fear our tampons and our maxi pads as symbols of that which they do not and refuse to understand. What we women need to do is not only fight their fear, but fight against their ignorance as well. After all, it is that which we do not understand that we fear the most.