Houston Police Officer Shot And Killed With Assault Rifle By Gun-Dealing Child Molester

lance mclean

Reprehensibly ignored by the mainstream media, this story coming out of Houston, Texas last Friday exemplifies the shortsightedness of conservative gun rights advocates who stand against any and all forms of gun safety regulations, particularly the banning of dangerous assault rifles.

Sgt. Lance McLean of the Hood County Sheriff’s Office has succumbed to his injuries and been pronounced dead after being shot in the head by a gun dealing, child molesting, tactical gear-wearing, heavily modified assault rifle-wielding man after responding to a seemingly ordinary disturbance call.

After injuring two officers, the suspect drove away in a white van, and was eventually killed near the Cranbury City Hall after wounding another police officer in a gun battle.

Police have learned that the gunman, Ricky McCommas, was an avid gun enthusiast who sold guns from inside of his home. After obtaining a search warrant, authorities seized more than two dozen guns and about 20 cases of ammunition, along with a computer and other evidence.

Adding insult to injury, court records have revealed that McCommas had recently been charged with sexual assault of a child in July 2012, after being accused of raping his wife’s niece behind a grocery store. Gun in hand, he had traveled to the location of the victim in order to convince her to drop the charges, leading to the original 911 disturbance call.

Court records also show that McCommas missed a court appearance Friday morning, and the warrant for his arrest was issued and his bond was raised from $100,000 to $200,000.

This kind of story is precisely why America is growing increasingly tired of being told that all gun enthusiasts are very responsible and that it’s perfectly fine to allow almost all members of the general population to amass and sell hundreds and even thousands of dangerous assault weapons.

The truth is, there is no good reason why America should continue to allow these dangerous kinds of assault weapons to be owned by millions upon millions of citizens. Yes, the large majority of gun owners are very responsible, but what about that miniscule portion that is unhinged and unfit to own such dangerous weapons? With millions of gun owners, there are bound to the tens of thousands of “bad apples” that have no business being near nor selling any of these military grade weapons.

“Everybody’s having a tough time dealing with it,” said, sheriff Robert Deeds, noting that McLean was married and had two children.

Granbury Police Department Chief Mitch Galvan said the wounded officer, identified as Chad Davis, was transported to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital. He was alert and did not suffer life-threatening injuries. Department of Public Safety spokesman Trooper Lonny Haschel said he was shot in “an upper extremity.”

Galvan said Saturday that Davis was being moved out of intensive care. In addition to Davis’ shoulder wound, Galvan said doctors found three bullet fragments in his knee.

Galvan said he and his officers knew McLean well.

“This has been a tremendous loss,” he said. “You can’t replace Sgt. Lance McLean.”

Galvan called McLean a leader with a “great sense of humor.”

“He was a very caring man. His family was his life and his job was his life” Galvan said.

Please do your part in helping this tragedy garner the national attention if the service by saying article on socials media forums. The GOP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NRA, so it is up to the American people to spread the good word, help capture the public narrative, and shift the political paradigm regarding gun safety regulations.

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