GOP Senator Wants TN To Reelect Him For Protecting Their Right To Fish In Unsafe Waters (VIDEO)


Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) wants Tennesseans to re-elect him for standing up for the right to fish in unsafe waters.

Alexander is starting off the 2014 political campaign in style with a new ad that brags about his most recent accomplishment, the Freedom to Fish Act. This act, signed in to law just last month, imposes a two-year moratorium on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ plans to block access to waters below dams along various Kentucky and Tennessee rivers for boating and fishing. The Corp of Engineers cites safety concerns and various fatalities in their reasons for restricting access to these prized fishing grounds.

In response to the Corps’ attempt to prevent further fatalities and accidents in these areas, Sen. Alexander threw a hissy fit during a congressional hearing in which he whined and complained to the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) Jo-Ellen Darcy. He started by asking her if she enjoyed fishing, while the two men behind him sat snickering and smirking, then proceeded to throw a tantrum that amounted to a cry for attention:

“If you’re not going to pay attention to the elected representatives of the people of Tennessee and Kentucky and other states, I’m not going to pay attention to your judgement. You’ve got a large number of accounts in the Corps of Engineers, and often you have to move money from one account to the other in order to do something that in your judgement you wanna do.[…] In order to move that you need the permission of the Chairman and me in order to do it. You’re not gonna get my permission.”

Here’s the video:

Sen. Alexander’s threats to block the funding of other Corps projects if he didn’t get his way on this were preceded by the Secretary explaining that there had been fourteen fatalities in areas the Corps was looking to restrict, but Alexander didn’t want to hear her. In his most condescending voice, he told her that people have enough common sense to get out of the way when the water was dangerous, despite the Secretary’s evidence to the contrary.

And so, it is on this issue that Alexander seeks to kick off his re-election campaign. You’re welcome, Tennessee, he says. I protected your right to fish in unsafe waters, and told off that nasty Corps of Engineers for trying to keep you safe. How dare they try to force you to fish on the hundreds of miles of safe river waters instead.

But then again, he needs something to distract the voters of this deeply conservative state from the fact that he voted in favor of immigration reform. Yes, it’s best to distract the state with the promise of fishing any where they want.