Kansas GOP Keeps Pushing Abstinence-Only Agenda By Punishing Working, Single Parents

Brownback and his merry band of misfits are at it again, working hard to make life impossible for poor working Kansas families.

Gov. Sam Brownback (R-KS) continues to prove he is the worst thing to happen to Kansas in a long time. Along with his mindless minions, Brownback is looking for ways to promote his agenda of hurting poor families through his Governor’s Task Force on Reducing Childhood Poverty. The task force, headed by Kansas Department of Children and Families Secretary Phyllis Gilmore, has proposed increasing the cost of government-subsidized childcare for poor families as a way of encouraging parents on the program to work longer hours and try harder to get promoted. “Encouraging full-time employment will reduce poverty,” said Gilmore, once again highlighting the GOP’s ignorance on what full-time employment might actually pay.

Another proposal being considered by the task force is mandating that those receiving SNAP (or “food stamp”) benefits must be employed or participating in job training. Opponents of the proposal noted that many adults on SNAP already work, but are stuck in low-wage jobs that don’t pay enough. Gilmore also noted her feelings that too many people are taking money from the government to go to college, but then not taking it seriously. This was countered by others who feel that a real road to reducing poverty is to provide living wage jobs–jobs that often require higher education. However, another member of the task force, Joyce Crumton, said that single mothers, the ones who would be most affected by the task force’s proposals, need to understand it’s not up to the government to pay for their “poor choices.”

So, here it is, the crux of the whole argument. The government shouldn’t have to pay for your ‘poor choices,’ meaning your kids, by helping you feed them and care for them. Yet, you also shouldn’t be allowed access to affordable birth control or abortion. But the government in Kansas is willing to provide you with ‘healthy marriage’ classes, as well as free marriage licenses if you take that class, the thinking behind that being that a married mother is a better mother. Despite all the different circumstances that can leave a woman a single mother, this line of thinking is just a few steps away from outlawing single motherhood altogether. Further, seeing as though the state is adamant that they have no money to help feed poor kids, there is no mention on how the state is going to pay to promote the classes and offset the lost revenue from marriage license fees.

This is just another attempt at an abstinence-only mindset that doesn’t work. We are humans, and as such, we are biologically motivated to have sex. Nothing that the state of Kansas or Brownback and his band of fugly prudes do is going to change that. And since when are children a ‘poor choice’ that the government won’t help unless their mother works so much that she is unable to parent them? What will they say when those children end up going down a road that leads them into ‘poor choices’ of their own because they had no parent there for them? Last I had heard about working moms from the GOP was that they were the reason our society was going to shit.

The society is going to shit, but it’s not poor working moms that are sending it there.