Lindsey Graham Explains Why GOP In Death Spiral. How About 10 Other Reasons?

When top GOP man, Lindsey Graham explains why Republicans are in a “death spiral,” party pals oughta listen. We're happy to provide 10 more reasons. Death spiral image by Nick Siebert/CC  @CLF; Graham photo @ YouTube

When top GOP man, Lindsey Graham explains his reasons why Republicans are in a “death spiral,” party pals oughta listen. We’re happy to provide 10 more.Death spiral image by Nick Siebert/CC @CLF; Graham photo @ YouTube

I’m with Lindsey Graham on the GOP in a “death spiral” thing. I actually think the Republicans have been in a death spiral for a while, but when a high-profile party leader makes note, it’s worth making note. As the GOP spins and twists in their seemingly inevitable downward trajectory away from the cares and concerns of the average American, let’s look at what particular issues got Graham hanging on to his seat cushion:

“If we don’t pass immigration reform, if we don’t get it off the table in a reasonable, practical way, it doesn’t matter who you run in 2016. We’re in a demographic death spiral as a party and the only way we can get back in good graces with the Hispanic community in my view is pass comprehensive immigration reform. If you don’t do that, it really doesn’t matter who we run in my view.” [Source]

He’s right about the demographics of the death spiral. While there are certainly other elements contributing to the dive (we’ll get to those below), recent Census Bureau news that whites are dying off faster than they’re birthing babies, with Asians and Hispanics as the fastest growing populations (respectively), does not bode well for Republicans. Beyond the “bunch of old white guys” descriptive offered by GOP strategist Ed Rollins just one short year ago, there was the 2011 Pew Study that found the Republican party had grown in one demographic: younger, poorer, less educated whites. Now, putting aside political correctness for a moment, that’s a demo you want in the “new America.” Particularly the “less educated” part.

The study indicated this shift happened after Obama’s election and first two years of his administration, leading one to logically extrapolate that poor, young, uneducated white people did NOT appreciate having a black Democrat as president, nor the policies this black, educated, socially progressive president pushed. From which we can then extrapolate that this growing GOP demographic is culturally and socially regressive and, quite possibly, racially bigoted. Just the kind of party enthusiasts you need as the country’s make-up shifts sharply from whites, of any age and social standing, to the vibrant mix of ethnicities that are now lining up to vote for political leaders.

Which makes clear why Senator Graham would make the statement he did. But what other elements of the Republican party are pushing them in a death plummet to the hard, cold ground below? I gave that some thought, and while some of these come with less gravity than others, in a concentrated stew of bubbling party identity, they combine in that poisonous waft we currently see contrailing perpendicular to the horizon.

Top 10 OTHER Reasons Why Republicans Are In A Death Spiral:

1. On issues of great social importance to women, they continue to flub and flail like drowning rats. The list of blunders related to abortion, women’s healthcare, reproductive freedoms, etc., is so long and well-documented as to be redundant to list here. But suffice it to say that, after a panoply of actions widely identified as the “war on women,” it is unfathomable how yet another GOP congressman, this time Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), could start blathering about how “the incidence of rape resulting in pregnancy are very low.” This uttered on the same day the media (including Addicting Info) covered an appalling story about a 13-year-old girl, pregnant by rape, being harassed and slut-shamed by people in her Indiana town. The disconnect from science and reality is not only astonishing, it is pushing that death-spiral like a mo-fo.

2. On issues of great social important to BOTH men and women, in particular the military rape scandal, Republicans seem to trip over themselves deflecting from truth. How anyone can look at the egregious issue of rape and sexual assault in the military and not stand up and loudly demand systemic culling out of sociopathic and sexually dysfunctional predators, appropriate sensitivity training for those falling sway to cultural mob think on the issue; proper study and psychological assessment to ascertain what’s propelling the behavior, and the appropriate and proper punishment of those perpetrating the acts, is beyond me and most level-headed people. Instead, we’ve got GOP congressmen working overtime to blame it on hormones, feminists, pornography, women in the military, etc., without the degree of sensitivity and intellect needed to solve the problem. See Navy Judge Rules Rapists Shouldn’t Be Discharged (VIDEO).

3. Republicans depend too much on the welfare system (refer to paragraph above about “poor, less educated whites”) to be bigots about the supposed glut of blacks and Hispanics “freeloading off the government” (not statistically true). Nor does their dependence on the “government teat” give them much incentive to get behind any kind of reasonable, continued reformation of that particular social program, making the continued debates about how to cut the deficit without raising taxes (a GOP mantra) less realistic and them less relevant. See Red States Are The Real Welfare States.

4. Republican media continues to proselytize to their public using mouthpieces with little intellect and even less global awareness, contributing to the continued dumbing down of the Republican listener. Clearly this is most widely afflicted by way of Fox News, but there’s also independents like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and all the idiotic talking heads they bring into the picture on a daily basis. And if you’re wondering if she can still see Russians from her back yard, this will delight you: She’s Still ‘Hot,’ She’s Still Sarah, And Roger Ailes Apparently Missed Her: Palin’s Back At Fox.

5. A harmonic of #4: Michele Bachmann keeps talking. Really, why? Why does the party continue to give platforms to its most offensive, incendiary, idiotic and scoff-worthy members? Of course, once they’re out of the actual business of being congresspeople (which would include Allen West), it’s understood the party has no power over what they do with their pie-holes but, damn, don’t they realize how the critical mass of their massive incredulousness just contributes to making the party look stupid and out of the mainstream? And oddly, Bachmann’s latest rant is in direct opposition to Lindsey Graham’s: she says Immigration Reform Will Doom America Forever. Go figure.

6. Endless scandal-mongering has turned the party into the GOP Who Cried Wolf – er, Scandal. We get it, everyone gets it, we go after who we hate – er, don’t like so much. The president, a senator, that governor, the PTA president, the customer service rep at the local Target, whatever; we don’t like ’em and so all eyes turn to HOW CAN WE GET THEM OUTTA THERE?? It’s human nature. Every tic becomes a crime, every mistake an “egregious error,” every unsuccessful venture, misunderstood project, even stuff done by other people becomes fodder for tearing down the target. Sometimes you hit pay dirt – turns out that senator was ‘attending to’ his aide, the customer service rep really did lack people skills, and the PTA president did abscond with the bake sale money. But more often than not, it’s all about “throwing it at the wall” and, usually, not much of it sticks. And a lot of it is hypocrisy, redundancy, or just silly stuff that stirs up ill will, suspicion, and focus that end up getting thrown back on the very people doing the throwing. See Republicans Watch Another Fake Scandal Die; IRS Manager Reveals He Is A Conservative RepublicanSalute-Gate: President Obama Forgets To Salute Marine And Media Jumps To ‘Big Gaffe’ (VIDEO), and The Hypocrisy Of Hannity Over The ‘New’ NSA Surveillance ‘Scandal’ Is Endemic Of A Bigger Problem (VIDEO)

7. Republicans – including their Tea Party brethren – insist on conflating issues of Christianity with secular governance, no matter how many times anyone, anywhere mentions the Constitution. It’s become almost a matter of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Many Christian are Republican, particularly of the fundamentalist kind. This is because, aligned with their own beliefs, the Republican platform is anti-choice, anti-marriage equality, anti-women’s reproductive freedoms, pro-prayer in school, etc. Not hard to see why so many Christians are Republicans. But this love-fest does NOT give franchise to the Christian contingent of the GOP to mandate law, enforce restrictive policies, and flout the Constitution. But damn if they don’t keep trying… and, in some cases, succeeding: See Homophobic Preacher Calls For Holy War For The ‘Soul Of America’ and Rick Perry Shows Ignorance Of 1st Amendment: ‘Freedom Of Religion Doesn’t Mean Freedom From Religion.

8. When a Republican does step out of party-line to do something right for her state, even against her own belief system, her constituency makes death threats. Seriously, is that any way to express dissent (must be that “uneducated” contingent)? But then again, this is the pro-gun crowd, so maybe it figures that threatening murder if a governor pushes for Medicaid expansion for the states’ poor (yes, many of whom are, God forbid, Hispanic!!), is right in line with Republican thinking. This does not speak well and is just the kind of psycho-thinking killing the party. See Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Pushes Through Medicaid Expansion Despite Death Threats And GOP Opposition.

9. And, of course, the GAY ISSUE. As Republicans take their last gasps on the issue of anti-marriage-equality, the sweeping tide of change tsunami’ing over their myopia and fear-mongering, there remains a few willing to leap up from the tide to yelp for help. Not only are they still pushing against gay rights in general, but here’s a two-fer (both immigration reform and gay rights): “If this bill has in it something that gives gay couples immigration rights and so forth, it kills the bill.” That was coming from GOP wunderkind and hope for the future, water-swilling Sen. Marco Rubio, doing his best to not let his ethnicity get in the way of his Republicanism when it comes to those platform issues. He also said, “I’m not for any special protections based on orientation.” Spinning, spinning, downward… See Top 10 Myths And Misunderstandings About Homosexuality And Why They’re Wrong.

10. Which brings us full circle to the focus of Sen. Grahams “death spiral” warning; immigration reform. While Graham is making logical points (and we all know he often doesn’t!) about the GOP stepping into the changing current and making sane, sensible contributions to much-needed immigration reform, and beyond has-been Bachmann bleating, the party has the pleasure of another congressman, this time Iowa’s Representative Steve King, putting his big fat ass-kicking foot in his mouth. When a group of undocumented high school students in their caps and gowns (not even hoodies, for God’s sake), showed up in peaceful protest at his office, King, like a screeching little girl, panic-tweeted about “illegal aliens invading my office.” And… the death spiral continues.

Dear God, when will this puppy finally hit ground and explode?