She’s Still ‘Hot,’ She’s Still Sarah, And Roger Ailes Apparently Missed Her: Palin’s Back At Fox

A love match after all: Roger Ailes may have shown Sarah the door a few short months ago, but apparently absence made the heart grow fonder… cuz she’s back!  Image @NewYorkMag

A love match after all: Roger Ailes may have shown Sarah the door a few short months ago, but apparently absence made the heart grow fonder… cuz she’s back! Image @NewYorkMag

We knew you’d want to know as soon as we heard. It’s been a painful interlude, a lot of hurt feelings; things were said that can’t be unsaid, and Lord knows if the damage can be undone. But Fox is gonna try. Fox is gonna do it’s very best to let someone special know how much they missed her… enough to actually open the door and invite her back in. That’s right, even though love means never having to say you’re sorry it doesn’t mean never having to say “you’re rehired,” and that’s exactly what Roger Ailes has said to Sarah Palin: “You’re rehired.” Oh, happy day.

It’s been a tough row to hoe for Ms. Palin since she and Fox parted ways. Sure, she’s been busy raising money for other like-minded consultants – I mean, candidates, but no one thought to invite her to the recent Correspondents Dinner and that chafed. Just when she needed a friend, instead she got into a pissing match with her old mentors, Karl Rove. She went down on a Big Gulp at CPAC (that wasn’t pretty… or maybe it was; depends on your perspective); she announced she’s writing a book on the fabricated – I mean, really important – ‘war on Christmas,’ and the Tea Party decided to draft her for an Alaskan senate seat, so she’s surely been busy.

But it was the wrong kind of busy, you know? What she really, really wanted to be doing? You got it: her old gig at Fox.

I mean, why not? The spigot over there ran rich, what with the woman getting paid a whopping $15.85 per word spoken (and when you consider how many of those were “y’know” and “you betcha,” those are some seriously expensive inanities!). And let’s face it, Fox did her wrong back in January; showed her the door after showing her such a well-paid, albeit short, good ole time, and, since breaking up apparently really is hard to do, it’s been tough for everyone involved.

But don’t worry; it’s all over now. Sa-Sa has been having her say, batting those big browns with such conviction she got Roger Ailes worked up enough to forget his former annoyances. And since she’s still “hot” (his earlier criterion for hiring her), the door that snapped shut on her way out is being held open, wide and welcoming, beckoning the “babe from Wasilla” back to the fold to contribute all over the place for Fox News and the Fox Business Network. And mark your calendars: her first return appearance will be on Fox & Friends next Monday, June 17th. Yippee! I’m already picturing the editorials…!

From Mediaite:

Regarding her return, Fox Chairman Roger Ailes said, “I’ve had several conversations with Governor Palin in the past few weeks about her rejoining FOX News as a contributor. I have great confidence in her and am pleased that she will once again add her commentary to our programming. I hope she continues to speak her mind.”

Oh, so do we! And I bet he’s really happy she’s still hot. Did we already make that point??

As for Palin:

“The power of FOX News is unparalleled. The role of FOX News in the important debates in our world is indispensible. I am pleased and proud to be rejoining Roger Ailes and the great people at FOX.”

We bet she is. Odds are she and Todd have the calculator out and are doing the math… what do you bet they bump her up to at least $16.00 an hour?