Go, Spurs, Go! 11-Year-Old Singer Back To Sing Again After Racist Twitter Hate Storm

Sebastien de la Cruz not only ignored the haters, he showed a level of maturity at 10-years-old that they'll likely never find. And he's singing again!. Image @MySanAntonio

Sebastien de la Cruz not only ignored the haters, he showed a level of maturity at 10-years-old that they’ll likely never find. And he’s singing again! Image @MySanAntonio

Okay, a bit of my faith in humanity has been restored.

Sebastien de la Cruz, the 11-year-old mariachi singer once featured on America’s Got Talent, was the target of an ugly string of hateful, racists tweets Tuesday after he sang a heartfelt rendition of the national anthem before Game 3 of the NBA finals between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat. De la Cruz was called a “wetback,” an “illegal alien,” and told to “go home,” among many other slurs. But the kid took it all in stride, and brushed off those haters like a pro.

Taking to his own Twitter account, he posted the following in response to the racism directed at him:

“Please do not pay attention to the negative people. I am an American living the American Dream. This is part of the American life.”

What a kid. He’s got a lot of class, and a lot of people in his corner. The Spurs apparently liked the kid so much that they decided to bring him back, singing the national anthem once again (in a big “F* you” to the bigots) for Game 4. No wonder, since one might consider de la Cruz to be quite the good luck charm (the Spurs won Game 3 on Tuesday). Eva Longoria, known for her role on “Desperate Housewives,” took to Twitter to give voice to her praise and admiration for Sebastien after the Twitter hate-storm that followed his performance:

“As a Mexican-American, I am so proud of Sebastian [sic] de la Cruz, a great symbol of what America is today! #GoSpursGo!”

U.S. Representative Rubén Hinojosa (D-TX) posted this to his Facebook account:

 “I am very proud of Sebastien de la Cruz, a boy from San Antonio. Not only is he very talented but he has also shown an incredible amount of class when speaking about his detractors on the internet. Our country is made up of so many nationalities and cultures that enrich our great country. I am happy that the San Antonio Spurs have invited Sebastien to sing again at Game 4 in the NBA Finals. Go Spurs Go! and…Bravo to Sebastien!”

Longoria and Rep. Hinojosa aren’t alone in their praise of de la Cruz. Thousands of people have taken to social media sites to cheer on the pint-sized mariachi singer.

There will always be two kinds of people in life, those who hate and those who love. It’s always nice to see love win. Go Sebastien, “el charro de oro!”