Glenn Beck Goes Off The Deep End In A Conversation With Himself (VIDEO)

Screenshot from 2013-06-04 23:33:44

Glenn Beck talking to himself while dressed up in a wig and mustache and speaking with a strange accent.

After Glenn Beck’s recent ridiculousness about dropping some mega-bombshell concerning a massive government cover-up relating to the Boston bombing, I thought there was no possible way for him to be any more stupid. But he never fails to deliver in that department.

In a segment from his show “The Glenn Beck Program,” on his television network TheBlaze, Beck goes off the deep end in a make-believe-but-must-have-happened-come-on-don’t-be-a-moron conversation with himself about the IRS scandal, or maybe Obamacare… I can’t be certain because he doesn’t make a lot of sense. Basically, Beck talks to himself while dressed up in a wig and mustache and speaking with a strange accent. Not only does he say dumb things, he looks and sounds more imbecilic than ever before.

Watch the video:


Doesn’t make any sense, does it? I can’t tell if he’s talking about healthcare, the IRS, or just rambling incoherently thinking that someone can actually follow his lunatic ravings. Admittedly, though, it’s a lot of fun to watch Glenn Beck in that costume pretending that this is an actual conversation that took place in the White House. If you watch the segment in its entiretyit starts with Beck ranting about a “cone of silence” in the Oval Office, while walking over to a set of said office. He sits down across from a guy in a wig, and starts the conversation with himself, saying things like:

Beck #1: “I was walking down the hall, coming in to this room, and I’m watching TV, where the President gets all of his news, and [guffaw, guffaw] this guy on Fox was saying that there are these ‘death panels!'”

Beck #2: “Well, there are, you know.”

Or how about this bit:

Beck #2: “You know, the Tea Party people, I believe they’re very good hearted people. They just don’t know what is in their best interests or what is good for them, kind of like what the President says about the Jews in Israel.”

He really looks crazy at this part:

Beck #1: “If we could just bog them [Tea Party groups] down with legal paperwork, and then if they said anything, you know, then we could just come out and label them–this is weird, just like what the President was saying about the death panel– conspiracy theorists, you know, and then just deny it. You know, we could do that.”

Beck #2: “Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Are you saying, even if it turns out to be true?”

Beck #1: “Ye–Yes! That’s what Cass Sunstein— in fact, [incomprehensible] I just saw him in the hallway just a few minutes ago. I could open up the door and just– Hey Cass! Come in and he can explain it, you know, that’s exactly what he said we should do.”

Not sure what ‘it’ is, even after watching the whole segment a few times.

And then, of course, the finale takes the cake:

As himself (?): “Okay, are you telling me seriously, seriously, that conversation or a conversation that didn’t–something like that didn’t happen? Of course it did! Cass! Can you come in here for a second? It’s exactly what Cass Sunstein laid out in that [air quotes] academic paper. Don’t be a moron. Don’t be a moron. Use common sense.”

Ah, if only Beck would take his own advice.