GOP Congressman Says McCain Is To Blame For Benghazi (AUDIO)

Rep. Louie Gohmert is a media pontificator and this time, he's eating his own.

Rep. Louie Gohmert is a media pontificator and this time, he’s eating his own.

The Republican Party has really outdone itself with the Benghazi ‘scandal’ and it has certainly been compelling to watch. They so desperately wanted to use the terrorist attack as a way to bring down the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton’s  – possible – White House run in 2016, that the blame-game was turned into a complete farce. As a matter of fact, the first attack ad of the 2016 election was centered around ‘Benghazi-Gate’ and, of course, Hillary Clinton. Nothing screams desperation louder than releasing an attack ad against a possible candidate three years prior to an election. But that was just one of the many highlights in the scandal that was supposed to rock the White House to its core but didn’t; the scandal that occurred somewhere in the world that 39% of conspiracy theorists can’t even find on a map; the scandal that was built on a foundation of doctored emails.

Recently it seems that the ‘scandal’ had died down and not much more was going on with it….until now.

A new suspect has been named in the scandal that will surely destroy the Democratic party and any credibility they have left. This week Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) told right-wing radio host Frank Gaffney who he thinks is to blame for Benghazi-gate (transcribed below “as-is”)

GAFFNEY: Two episodes that are on our mind, one is Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has been in Syria recently hobnobbing with Jihadists about the necessity of the United States of not only continuing to support them in various ways but to fund them and to arm them and basically to start using its military forces to protect them. I’d like to get your thoughts on that sir as well as your current thinking about whether we’re going to get a proper investigation of the Benghazi-Gate scandal, one of the imbroglios that I believe Sen. McCain’s bad advice got us into previously.

REP. GOHMERT: Well exactly and I’m not sure what to think about his trip apparently to Syria. We had seen his tweet about meeting with Qaddafi in Libya at his ranch and then he said “Oh no somebody else must have tweeted from his phone.” But apparently there had been meetings with Qaddafi before yet they came after Qaddafi, he was one of the early ones to sign on to going after Qaddafi.

GAFFNEY: So he was for him before he was against him as they say.

REP. GOHMERT: Yeah and then we know if it had not been for Sen. McCain and President Obama being for what we knew at the time included al-Qaeda in the rebel forces then we would still have a U.S. ambassador and three others alive today because Benghazi would not have happened. But by giving power to the rebel forces that included al Qaeda that brought that whole mess about and helped create problems in Tunisia and Algeria. So I’m not sure what to think about his going to Syria. If history is any lesson the people he met with he wants us to help should be very careful about what Sen. McCain’s support could mean for them.

Wait….wha? John McCain is at fault? But John McCain was one of the leaders of the fight for justice in the Benghazi scandal! He lead the initial smear campaign against U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice that ultimately kept her from becoming Secretary of State. You would think that McCain would be the least likely target in this game by the party using the deaths of four Americans for political gain; however, in the world of the GOP, nobody is really safe from the wrath of stupidity.

Rep. Gohmert believes McCain is to blame because he advocated the U.S. led war in Libya that ultimately led to the ousting and death of Muammar Qaddafi. Who, by the way, ranked right up there with Hitler on the Republican bad guy scale. It’s puzzling why Gohmert would now act as if the war in Libya was a bad thing, but if Benghazi-Gate has shown us anything, it has shown that Republicans really have no clear thought process when it comes to trying to bring down the White House. In the months since the terrorist attack in Benghazi it seems that right-wing nutjobs have never been sure, exactly, why the scandal was a scandal. They have said the stupidest things ever in regards to that conundrum. They have also pointed fingers at just about everyone. Was Rice to blame? Was it Clinton? Obama? The Easter Bunny? It is hilarious that they are now attacking their own. Good job, Republican party! You definitely get the award for most bizarre scandal with the most suspects EVER!

Here’s the audio of the interview: