Father Puts 6-Week-Old Daughter In Freezer; Meanwhile, Catholics Say Gays Can’t Parent (VIDEO)

Tyler Deutsch on the day of his daughter's birth… six weeks later he tried to kill her. @KOMONews

Tyler Deutsch on the day of his daughter’s birth… six weeks later he tried to kill her. @KOMONews

Parenthood is surely one of the most sacred and significant of human relationships. The care, nurturing and development of a child, from birth until young adulthood, is considered so sacrosanct that, in the current debate about just who can best do the job, certain civic and religious groups have asserted that the best possible parents are, without question, heterosexual ones. The Catholic Church, in fact, believes this so strongly that it’s not only pushing hard against the possible Supreme Court negation of DOMA, but its new, supposedly more liberal, Pope Francis has stated that “gay adoption is a form of discrimination against children.”

Yes. Because heterosexuals have the market on exemplary parenting, right?

Well, at least until one of them decides putting a baby in a freezer in response to a crying jag is not only something to consider, but actually do. And proper-parenting-profile (aka, straight) father, Tyler Deutsch, 25, did exactly that.

Tyler probably didn’t think of himself as any kind of ‘best parenting’ model; he and his girlfriend were just living their modest lives in a trailer park in Roy, Washington, seemingly delighted when their little girl was born 6 weeks ago. Just look at the picture of Tyler (above); that looks like a sweet, happy man in love with that tiny baby folded in his arms, a man who will, no doubt, be a good, loving father.

Not even close. Six weeks later, tired and frustrated with her relentless crying, he put that baby, wearing only a diaper (her mother said she was fully clothed at the time she left), into the freezer atop bags of ice and frozen cauliflower. He closed the door and promptly fell asleep, leaving his daughter to freeze for over an hour before his girlfriend came home and was horrified to realize what he had done. From KOMO News:

Deutsch was awakened when the baby’s mother arrived back at the couple’s trailer and pulled his daughter out of the freezer, according to charges. The baby had blistered skin and a body temperature of 84 degrees after spending an hour in the freezer. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the baby’s mother tried to call 911 but Deutsch took the phone away from her because he didn’t want to get in trouble. The mother was able to leave the trailer and get a neighbor to call for help. [… ]

The baby, who also had a broken arm and leg and a head injury, is expected to survive, though complications are possible. A thermometer inside the freezer registered a temperature of 10 degrees.

Deutsch appeared in court on Tuesday, May 28, to plead not guilty to charges of “first-degree child assault, first-degree criminal mistreatment and interfering with the reporting of a domestic violence incident.” He also faces enhancements for aggravated domestic violence. His bail has been set at $1 million dollars and prosecutor Michelle Hyer has indicated Deutsch could face life in prison if convicted on all charges.

It’s difficult for any sentient, clear-thinking person to imagine committing an act of such callous disregard against a child, but Deutsch somehow found a way to justify it. In a particularly odd admission, he complained that “his girlfriend doesn’t trust him with their daughter and had never left him alone with her before Saturday.” Has anyone ever became a more tragic example of self-fulfilling prophecy? Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said in a press release:

“This is one of those crimes that defy understanding… Our prayers are with the baby.”

Prayers and best wishes are very much with the little girl who has found out, only six weeks into her young life, that assurances of safety and love cannot always be met and that people, sometimes even those closest to you, can let you down in the most grievous ways.

Tyler Deutsch on the day of his arraignment; he complained that his girlfriend wouldn’t trust him with the baby. Did he realize how profoundly he proved her point? @TheNewsTribune

Tyler Deutsch on the day of his arraignment; he complained that his girlfriend wouldn’t trust him with the baby. Did he realize how profoundly he proved her point? @TheNewsTribune

Which brings us full circle. Who is best equipped to parent, to be entrusted with guiding and nurturing a child to adulthood? Many people are and some people aren’t. Tyler Deutsch isn’t, that we know for sure.

What we also know for sure is that good parenting is not exclusive to heterosexuals. It is exclusive only to… good parents. And those come in every race, creed, color, gender, philosophical bent and… sexual orientation. Being a gay parent is about being a parent, not being a ‘gay parent.’ And there are many good ones out there (one family, in particular, raising two children in joy and love, were poignantly profiled in The Heart, Soul And Face Of Gay Marriage). Frankly, what determines a good parent has to do with many, many things, none of which have anything to do with sexual orientation.

We’ll see what the court decides about Tyler Deutsch, but the court of public opinion is clear. Perhaps Catholics and other fundamentalists can make note of this story and others like it, readjust their criteria on what makes a good parent, move forward accordingly and with greater acceptance. It’s surely time.

Here’s the video:



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