New Anti-Gay Kid’s Book Teaches Kids To Pray For The Breakup Of Loving LGBT Families (VIDEO)

god made

Christian author Amber Dee Parker wants you to use her new book to teach your kids to pray for the break-up of loving families.

God Made Dad & Mom is a new children’s picture book aimed at teaching Christian children that the only good family is a straight family. In the book, little Michael is taught both in school and at home that families have one mom and one dad. Anything else is contrary to God’s will, and therefore bad. Since Michael has a friend, Jimmy, that has two dads, he worries about them finding their way to “the truth.”

Michael’s concerns about Jimmy’s family stem from a trip to the zoo, in which little Michael learns that even the animals know that families have one mommy and one daddy. Of course, little Michael is never told that same-sex behavior is quite common in the animal world, totally blowing their whole “homosexuality is unnatural” belief out of the water. After his trip to the zoo, Michael asks his dad if they can pray for his friend’s family, saying:

“Dear Jesus, please show Jimmy and his dad’s the truth about how you made them and how much you love them.”

Translation: It doesn’t matter that little Jimmy has a happy family with two dads who love him and each other. They are a horrible abomination against God, family, and country for simply existing and we should pray that little Jimmy finds himself a child from a broken home rather than a child from a loving family.

It’s unsurprising that on the cover is a glowing endorsement of the book from the president of the  American Family Association, an organization classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. The American Family Association has a long history of anti-gay rhetoric, and its president, Tim Wildmon, has made plenty of inflammatory remarks regarding homosexuality in the past, saying that homosexuality is nothing but “twisted sexual desires” of which people should be “ashamed.”

This book is nothing more than yet another way for the so-called “Christian Right” to instill fear and hate into their children at a young and impressionable age. In the video promoting the book, the author claims that it is a “tool that can be used […] to give to the next generation in teaching them and educating them of God’s plan for families between one mother and one father.” But despite her attempts to make the book seem innocuous, the book’s final message is clear: “If your family doesn’t fit this mold, it’s wrong.”

Watch the promotional video here: