Don’t Mess With Women In Texas – 24 Anti-Choice Bills Defeated

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“Democrats stuck together very well this session and made strong arguments and strong advocacy on behalf of a woman’s right to choose,” state Sen. Kirk Watson (D), the head of Texas’ Democratic caucus, told the Express-News. “Just this week, I’ve had pressure from leadership pushing to bring up bills in an almost threatening way, and we have stood up to that. …Now we’re at the end of the session, and they’re dead.”

This year, in Texas, there were 24 different measures introduced that would essentially sabotage a woman’s reproductive rights in one way or another. Each measures was blocked and defeated before reaching the House or Senate floor. This is an outstanding victory for Texas and the millions of pro-choice supporters.

The San Antonio Express-News reports, most of the bills were backed by Gov. Rick Perry (R) and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R).

It’s great news, and we should see more of this. It’s been a battle. Texas lawmakers have launched multiple attacks on women’s health during the last two years. They tried to cut family planning funding, made repeated attacks against Planned Parenthood and tried passing some of the most restrictive abortion bans we’ve seen in decades.

Even with this year’s Texas victories, Republicans continue spending, and wasting, our tax dollars trying to impose draconian anti-choice bills that have been, and will continue to be, overturned. Why will they be overturned? Because it’s 2013 and we’re not going back. Women in this country will not go back to the days before Roe v. Wade when abortion was illegal and deadly. That seems clear to the majority of Americans. And yet Texas and other state Republican lawmakers continue to introduce anti-choice bills that try to silence women by stripping away reproductive rights.

There were 694 provisions about reproduction this year between January and March. That is an average of seven reproductive provisions per day! Lawmakers, please. Really – Get the f**k out of our bodies.

The 24 Texas wins deserve a happy dance, as the War On Women continues on. The Republicans who are trying to force-feed their misogynist agendas in Congress will pay the price come 2014. Last year, Democrats had to put a lot of time and effort into getting POTUS re-elected and bringing in powerhouses like Elizabeth Warren. Next year, we shall have a plethora of energy to remove all those anti-choice lawmakers who have sinned against us. They seem to have forgotten the terrible defeat their party experienced in 2012, and we did that, with one hand tied behind our backs. Just you wait, Henry Higgins. The War On Women is ours to be won.

Congratulations to Texas Democrats! 

 Congratulations Texas Women!

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(The author, Leslie Salzillo, is a writer, pro-choice activist, political commentator, and visual artist. She writes diaries in Daily Kos and began contributing to in March of 2013)