Conservative Nut Case Michelle Malkin Says British Progressives Are To Blame For Beheading Of Soldier

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin

The tragic murder of a British soldier stunned the world this week, but Michelle Malkin used the opportunity to blame progressives for ‘bringing on themselves.’

It’s never surprising to hear Michelle Malkin say something stupid. Just look at her ridiculous stance on immigration, one that would revoke her own American citizenship. Being the kind of right-wing nut job that she is, there is even the “Michelle Malkin Award” created by self-described conservative Andrew Sullivan. Sullivan says of the award:

The Malkin Award, named after blogger Michelle Malkin, is for shrill, hyperbolic, divisive and intemperate right-wing rhetoric. Ann Coulter is ineligible – to give others a chance.

So it is only expected that when Michelle Malkin opens her mouth, something idiotic is about to come out, as happened on a recent taping ofHannity,” when Malkin said of the abhorrent recent murder of a British soldier:

“In large part, unfortunately, in British culture, among the progressives there, they brought it on themselves in some ways because of lax deportation policies and an unwillingness to screen out and profile Islamic militants who are now doing this in a homegrown manner.”

Yes, it’s those evil “British progressives” who want things like this to happen so they can sit and laugh about it, isn’t it? To imply that anyone’s politics is to blame for religious fanaticism that manifests itself in the beheading of a British soldier is tantamount to calling someone “Hitler” just because they disagree with you.

The problem with these kinds of small-scale terrorist attacks, the kind grown of religious extremism and perpetrated by individuals or small groups, is that they are extremely difficult to sniff out. In order to find them, the government would have to infringe on all those liberties that conservatives claim to hold so dear. But of course, the moment something like this happens, they are the first to turn around and burn in their righteous indignation, crying that the government should have done more to track down these people and stop the attacks in the first place.

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t tell the government to stay out of your business then scream at them for not knowing what any certain individual is up to. What makes this worse is that later in the debate, Sean Hannity brings up guns. Big surprise. Hannity says:

“And also it does bring into question gun laws. If the soldier had been able to protect himself, and defend himself, which people all over the media in this country bragging about the fact, wow, they don’t, people don’t have guns in England.”

Of course, Malkin chimes right in to say that one of the assailants did have a gun. Just forget the fact that this attack came out of nowhere and the soldier would have had zero time to reach for a gun. But apparently the right-wing would have him stop and say, “Hold on, let me grab my gun before you hatchet me to death.” Such is conservative logic; the biggest oxymoron of all time.

Check out the video here, if you can stand to give Faux News the web traffic.