OBAMA SCANDALS: Why Is The Media So Gleeful About Them?

Scandal? What scandal?

Scandal? What scandal?

The “liberal” media has been frantically masturbating for the last week as the Obama administration suddenly finds itself beset with “scandals.” But what’s really happening here?

1. Benghazi – The right has been ginning this up since literally the day it happened. After months of effort, the “liberal” media has decided to get in on the action. ABC had an EXPLOSIVE bombshell that turned out to be a completely falsified email and blamed Obama when CNN released the real one a few days later.

2. IRS – The Tea Party is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a political movement. So why is it shocking the IRS closely scrutinizes groups seeking nonprofit status when they call themselves the “Tea Party Such and Such?” Nonprofits are not supposed to be political in nature. Is someone going to seriously argue that the Tea Party doesn’t have a political goal in mind?

3. The AP investigation – The DOJ is investigating a leak that placed national security assets in jeopardy. While I do not approve of the methods involved, it should be noted that this is 100% legal thanks to Bush who did the exact same thing with nary a peep for the currently “outraged” mainstream “liberal” media.

None of these are “real” scandals in any sense of the word. So what’s going on here? Allow me to forward two theories:

1. Obama’s administration has been scandal free for far too long and the press hates that. They thrive on controversies and the left just hasn’t been giving them anything to work with. Remember, the “liberal” media is terrified of appearing to be “in the tank” for Obama and if the only scandals and gaffes are coming from the right, well, they’ll just have to find something to pin on Obama. It’s only “fair.”

2. Despite it being 3 years away, all eyes are on 2016. Just as the GOP is nervous about a Hilary candidacy, so is the media. If she runs, she will absolutely crush anyone that runs against her. It will not even be a close race and that means TERRIBLE ratings for the news. The press hates that, too. This became clear during the 2012 race when the “liberal” media kept declaring that the race was an absolute nail biter, edge of your seat, anyone’s game, “razor tight” contest. And then it turned out to be a massacre.

Obviously keeping the horse race lively is more important than factual reporting.

With this in mind, the best chance the media has for a close race is if the Obama administration goes down in flames during its second term. The economy is improving too steadily to hope for another timely collapse and it’s a safe bet that Obama won’t be caught getting a BJ in the Oval Office. I seriously think the media is prepared to drag Obama through the mud to ensure that the next presidential election is close enough to make reporting on it exciting.

The Founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves at what the free press has become.

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