10 Examples Of Why The Republican ‘Benghazi’ Talking Point Is Hypocritical

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At this point it’s well-established there was no wrongdoing by President Barack Obama or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when it came to the response to the terror strike in Benghazi that Fox News and conservatives around the nation have been trying to use to score political points against the high-profile Democratic leaders.

Unfortunately for Republicans, the fact that they have pushed so hard when there was no “scandal” shows that they were only out to use Benghazi for the political ammunition. Here’s even more proof, with 10 examples of other things that Republicans didn’t seem nearly so upset about or interested in investigating:

1) The Iraq war.

WMDs. I was in elementary school when the planes struck the towers, and I remember the rallying cry that spread through the country after the terror attacks of September 11. Using that call to rally, President Bush drummed up support to go search after nonexistent WMDs, despite there being no hard evidence they existed at all. In the end, the United States-led Survey Group concluded that any WMD presence in Iraq was pre-1991 leftovers, and that there were no WMDs in production, although there was evidence that Iraq planned to resume or restart production if and when the sanctions on the country were lifted.

Cost to America: 4,487 American servicemen and women dead, 32,753+ wounded. That’s not counting the contractors, Iraqi deaths/civilian casualties, or billions of dollars in monetary cost. And don’t even get me started on Halliburton, Cheney and war profiteering.

2) The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Let’s be serious. We all know that the Bush administration was warned that a strike like this might happen. Why wasn’t there Republican outcry and demand for investigation after Bush failed to stop the deaths of 2,996 people? No, 9/11 was treated as a terrorist attack, and the country came together.

3) Beirut, October 23,1983.

This one happened under Reagan. As a result of chain-of-command errors including a presidential order to have weapons at Operations Stage 4, or no magazine and no round in the chamber, 241 American servicemen were killed in an easily preventable suicide bombing. There was no “scandal” cry from the right, even though the Department of Defense report faulted the Reagan administration, as well.

4) Karachi, Pakistan.

Numerous attacks occurred on diplomatic targets under the George W. Bush regime presidency. Two targeted bombings occurred in Karachi, Pakistan. On June 14, 2002, a fertilizer bomb was detonated by a suicide bomber, killing 12 Pakistanis and injuring an additional 51. Since America has trouble caring for the casualties of other nations, the next example might hit harder for some audience members: On March 2, 2006, a car bomb was set off by a suicide bomber at the Karachi consulate, killing an American diplomat, David Foy, and three Pakistanis. The bombing was targeted at Foy.

5) Calcutta, India.

Gunmen on motorcycles attack and kill five policemen near a United States consulate, at an American information-disseminating cultural center, on January 22, 2002. Many more people were injured.

6) American embassy in Sana’a, Yemen.

Two attacks occurred on Bush’s watch on the embassy in Sana’a during 2008. The first, an attempted mortar strike, missed and hit a school. The second resulted in 19 deaths and 16 injuries. Six of those killed were attackers.

7) Jeddeh, Saudi Arabia.

This was a pretty major attack. The Guardian reported the following on the day of:

Islamist militants today attacked the US consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with explosives and machine guns, killing four security guards and five staff, Saudi officials said.

Gunmen fought their way into the complex, reportedly taking 18 staff and visa applicants hostage for a short time before Saudi security forces stormed the building, killing three attackers and arresting two others.

Witnesses reported hearing two explosions, which breached the heavily-guarded compound’s walls as the attack began shortly before midday local time (0900 GMT).

The blasts caused fire to break out, and clouds of thick black smoke could be seen above the consulate. Around 200 national guardsmen surrounded the building, and witnesses reported heavy exchanges of gunfire.

“We have five confirmed dead among our locally engaged staff and one of them is a contract [security] guard,” the US embassy spokeswoman Carol Kalin said.

8) Riyadth, Saudi Arabia. 

The Riyadth compound bombings took place May 12, 2003. Thirty-six were killed, including nine suicide bombers, along with 160 injured. Nine of the dead were American.

9) Istanbul, Turkey.

In 2008, three gunmen attacked the United States consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. All three of the gunmen were killed, along with three Turkish policemen.

10) Baghdad embassy attacks.

While the Bush administration was in power, one result of our “war on terror” was to have our embassy in Baghdad attacked repeatedly for numerous casualties. The only reason that all of them are being tossed under number 10 is that there is a certain point to these attacks being unavoidable while we were directly and militarily involved in the area.


Start investigating, Republicans.

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