Bad News For Limbaugh: He May Be Breaking Federal Law By Accepting Money From Right-Wing Groups

Rush… yakking; @UnsuckDCMetro

Rush… yakking; @UnsuckDCMetro

There were lots of headlines about Rush Limbaugh this week.The majority had nothing positive to say about the hate-speaking radio host or his parent company, Clear Channel, run by Bob Pittman and John Sykes. Not a good week for the Rushbo, at all. One headline referred to Limbaugh as a right-wing welfare bum, because he’s having to take  money/gifts/payola from right-wing groups. Given that 95% of Cumulus radio network advertisers want no part of Limbaugh, it makes sense he would need to have other sources to subsidize his smut.

Payola, is indeed, taking place. Heritage Foundation and FreedomWorks (linked to the Tea Party/Koch Bros.) have been paying Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, according to Dick Armey, former FreedomWorks Chairman. Limbaugh and Beck are  taking money to talk up the right-wing agendas unbeknownst to their audiences. Pretty seedy — and it maybe illegal.


(Photo: Media Matters)

Some decades ago there was a shake-up in the music industry. Record execs were using payola to push their music/agendas. A law was passed making it illegal. FCC has specific rules against payola in the broadcast industry. Apparently, Rush Limbaugh’s show is being overlooked. With the new FCC Chairman coming in, maybe the government agency will take a good, long, and hard look into the goings on at Clear Channel.

An FCC rule states:

Any broadcast station employee who has accepted or agreed to accept payment for the airing of program material, and the person making or promising to make the payment, must disclose this information to the station prior to the airing of the program.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the FCC rule turns out to be the ticket for Limbaugh’s demise? And isn’t it ironic? Conservatives are always preaching “Free Market.” Once again, right-wing hypocrisy rears its ugly head.

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