Midwest Overtaken By May Blizzard And Flurries Of Gays, According To Unusual Weather Map (IMAGE)

Weather station graphic

Weather Image from Action News, KSHB (Kansas City, MO/KS) TV’s facebook page.

You’d never think a weather graphic would attract 23,334 up votes and hundreds of comments on Reddit in just four days (and, alas, 20,990 down votes, because Reddit’s known for its tough crowd). Then again, you’ve probably never seen a weather graphic like this one. Titled 41 Action News confirms gays sweeping across the nation, the visually stunning image shows a cold front swiftly bearing down on Kansas City and cooling warmer temperatures in slender, gradating bands represented by colors that form a rainbow. The coolest temperatures are shown in blue and the hottest ones are shown in red. As you can see, the temperatures range from 38 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit!

I figured the original poster — tellingly monikered “BlameItOnTheGays” — had done some tinkering with PhotoShop, but I checked it out, and the image turns out to be 100% legit. Apparently, we’ve had some mighty strange weather in Kansas City.

When workrworkrb skeptically queried, “Is that weather forecast real? I mean the temperatures really that tight together?!” he received various affirmative replies, including:

FuriousGorilla: “I live in Kansas City, and yes this is our current weather. It was 85 yesterday and we are supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow. It sucks.”

reddiculousity: “I live in south KC and will be shoveling snow with my sunburned arms come Friday…..” and;

overtoke: “just wait 2 hours and it will be gone.”

The folks from KSHB TV Action News 41 (Kansas City, MO/KS) posted the amazing rainbow weather chart to their facebook page on April 30th. According to KSHB’s 41 Action Weather Blog, the rainbow effect for this “once in a lifetime May snowstorm” was caused by a strong cold front pushing bands of snow and rain ahead of it while moving East. Things got even wilder in the Texas Panhandle, where falling snow abruptly cooled scorching 97 degree heat.

Since the LGBT community has flown the rainbow flag since 1978, to celebrate diversity and acceptance, it didn’t take long for some pro-gay prankster to post it on Reddit’s “Funny” reddit. Especially since the unseasonal storm occurred barely six weeks after Aaron Jackson and Planting Peace epically trolled Topeka, Kansas’ gay bashing Westboro Baptist Church by purchasing the house across the street, painting it in rainbow colors, and installing a flag pole from which to fly the American and LGBT rainbow flags (right-side up, rather than upside down like WBC does).

The pro-gay rainbow house established by Planting Peace across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church.

The rainbow house across from Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO, a few weeks before the early May snow storm. Image from Planting Peace’s facebook page.

Reddit reader ReynardMuldrake wryly commented:

Right after they put this house across the street from the WBC. Coincidence?

We think not. Apparently, even Mother Nature wants to show Westboro Baptist Church that it’s okay to be gay.

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