The David Pakman Show – Nude Picture Blackmail Gets Romney And Gingrich Intern Arrested (VIDEO)

Pakman Adam Savader

In a story that perpetuates the notion that too many in politics lack a moral compass, a 21-year-old former intern of Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Paul Ryan, and former political science major at SUNY Farmingdale, Adam Savader, was arrested for using nude pictures to blackmail 15 women.

Stalking 15 different women from 3 different states over the last year, the scheme involved Savander contacting the women to claim he had nude pictures of them. His extortion demand to keep those supposed pictures from being publicized was… more nude pictures. In one case, according to the FBI complaint, he demanded one woman answer a series of personal questions related to “sexual preferences and positions.” There was also claims of personal pleasuring to the women’s pictures…

Here’s the video:

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