Teacher Fired For Being Gay, Bryan Fischer Likes It (VIDEO)

Pakman Carla Hale

In a new twist to a story covered earlier by Addicting Info, David Pakman reports that after it made news that physical education teacher Carla Hale was fired from the Ohio Catholic school, Bishop Watterson High School, for being gay, certain homophobes wanted to make clear how much they approved of that action, including the notorious Bryan Fischer.

Despite the fact that Ms. Hale had given 19 years of service to the school, she was fired – in a move of unbelievable insensitivity – after an angry parent presented the school with the obituary of Hale’s mother, which included mention of Hale’s “domestic partner.” The school fired her for “violating moral law.”

Of course, “Focal Point” radio talk show host and noted homophobe, Bryan Fischer, deems this action as good, because “there are times when discriminating is the right thing to do.”

Here’s the video:

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