The David Pakman Show – Pat Robertson Says Dungeons And Dragons Is Demonic (VIDEO)

David Pakman discusses Pat Robertson

Screen captured image from The David Pakman Show.

David Pakman has a good laugh on his show, as he discusses a recent episode of the 700 Club in which Pat Robertson claims “Dungeons and Dragons” is “demonic” and “destroys lives.” A fan wrote in:

Dear Pat, I want to ask for your opinion: Is it safe for a Christian to enjoy video games that have magic in them, if the person playing the games is not practicing the magic? — John”

Pat Robertson  responded:

I think the idea is, how close can you get to danger, but how far can I stay away from it … I don’t know what game you’re talking about, but I know there’s one called “Dungeons and Dragons” that literally destroyed people’s lives. They got into this thing and it was hypnotic … If it’s based on magic and the occult, and that sort of thing stay away from it.

Here’s the video:

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