Hungry Cop Pulls Gun On Drive-Thru Customer

Artist's rendition of the suspect

Artist’s rendition of the suspect

You’ve heard of a Big Mac attack? Well, a Georgia policeman really took that seriously! Scott Biumi of the DeKalb County police went way overboard when he pulled a gun on a McDonald’s drive-thru customer. I guess he was really hungry.

The driver who found himself on the wrong end of a gun for no reason was 18-year-old Ryan Mash. He was at the front of the drive-thru line in his truck when Biumi came to his window:

“He came up between the window and my driver door and pinned me back into my seat and pulled a gun on me. He said, ‘Do you know who you’re messing with?’ and I was like ‘No sir, I don’t.’ He was like, ‘Well, you never will,’ and that’s when he pulled the gun on me.” (source)

Here’s the video:

The officer then fled but Mash’s friend had seen a badge on Biumi’s belt when he pulled the gun out. The pair called the police and reported the badge number along with the vehicle description and tag numbers. Biumi was driving an unmarked department-issued Chevrolet. It didn’t take the local police long to track the off-duty officer down.

Biumi was arrested on felony assault charges, was placed on administrative leave and released on a $22,000 bond. His boss, DeKalb County police Chief Cedric Alexander, is not happy, telling reporters that he does not tolerate this sort of behavior.

Forsyth County (where the incident occurred) Sheriff Duane K. Piper told the Forsyth News that the incident was “shocking” and “a severe break in judgment.” He added “the entire situation [apparently] evolved from [Biumi] being angry at the time it was taking for him to get his food.”

What on earth could make a guy – any guy but especially a cop – think it was acceptable to pull a gun on someone in such a situation? So the line was a little slow, who doesn’t deal with that now and then? I don’t care how hungry you are, there is no excuse for shoving a gun in someone’s face. When we can no longer trust our public servants to behave reasonably, then we surely are seeing the results of some kind of societal meltdown. When you compare the hundreds of officers in Boston, under immense stress in the heat of a manhunt, who still all maintained their professionalism, to this guy… well, what can you conclude? All I can think is that this guy must have been having one hellacious Big Mac attack. But that is no excuse for misusing the trust placed in a policeman by his community. Shame on you, Sergeant Biumi!

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