Rush Limbaugh Jokes About Pressure Cookers As 3 Are Dead And 130+ Injured (VIDEO)


Yesterday on his show, one day after the Boston Marathon Bombing, Rush Limbaugh not only politicized the tragedy by making insidious pro-gun digs about pressure cookers, he insensitivity joked about the subject. He did this knowing the exploding pressure cookers allegedly caused the death of three people, including a child. Over 130 people were injured, some gravely. A recent update now tells us eight children are included in the list of the injured, and one is as young as two. Here is video (audio) of yesterday’s show:

Appearing to be a very bizarre or paid caller (yes, they pays actors to call in), the caller stumbles:

“I’m about to propose a new law that Senator Feinstein is going to propose for us to ban pressure cookers and ball bearings. Because I need protection at these marathons I run every year.

“I understand only the bad people have pressure cookers, if they’re banned.” (What? I think he’s messing up his lines)

Limbaugh sniffs and snorts with these questions and comments:

“Are you gonna ask for a ban on pressure cookers?”

“Where do you buy pressure cookers?” (Caller answers Walmart & Target)

“Do the mentally ill use pressure cookers?”

“My grandmother had a pressure cooker…I didn’t know she was so dangerous.”

“Private sales of sales of pressure cookers… how do you stop that… How are you gonna stop that? I don’t know unless you –register them.”

He continues on with his smut three hours a day, five days a week, spreading hate, racism, misogyny and anti-gay bigotry. Fortunately groups working against him continue on as well, gaining in numbers daily. ‘Boycott Rush Limbaugh To Shut Him Down’ now has over 53,000 followers that are contacting sponsors daily. Thousands of sponsors have pulled ads from his show since the protests and boycotts began.

If you’d like to get involved with stopping Rush Limbaugh, here is a link to one of the Facebook groups, and a link to one such petition:

Sign: Limbaugh Sponsor Petition