Republican Apologizes For Saying ‘N*gger-Rigging,’ Claims To Have A Black Friend (VIDEO)

Jim Gile, a GOP county commissioner from Kansas

Photo of Jim Gile, a Republican County Commissioner from Kansas from

Another day, another racist gaffe from a Republican who uses a racist term from their youth that hasn’t been used for decades; apologizes only for offending people, not for using the offensive term; and then claims to have a friend in the offended group. David Pakman from the David Pakman Show reports that this time it happened during a county meeting when Jim Gile — A Republican County Commissioner from rural Kansas — used the n-word.  The subject of hiring an architect came up, and Gile said “I want to hire a real architect, I don’t want anyone n*gger-rigging it.” When someone asked him what he meant by that, Gile dug himself in deeper by replying, “I mean Afro-Americanizing it.”

Oops. It’s a lot like when GOP State Representative Don Young from Alaska used the term “wet backs” during a radio interview, when talking about growing up on his father’s ranch. You have to see David Pakman’s video to believe it.

Here’s the video:

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