School Apologizes For Teacher Instructing Students To Write Nazi Propaganda For Assignment


In what may have been a massive misjudgement, a teacher in Albany, New York told students to write a persuasive argument saying that Jews are evil and to “convince me of your loyalty” to Hitler’s regime. The Albany school has issued an official apology for the actions of the instructor, whose name was not reported.

UPI reports:

One-third of the students refused to complete the assignment, the Albany (N.Y.) Times Union reported.

Albany Superintendent Marguerite Vanden Wyngaard issued a statement apologizing for the assignment.

“I would apologize to our families,” she said. “I don’t believe there was malice or intent to cause any insensitivities to our families of Jewish faith.”

Apparently, the instruction sheet for the assignment said that students had no choice but to write from the angle they were given, which was, “You must argue that Jews are evil, and use solid rationale from government propaganda to convince me of your loyalty to the Third Reich!”

Although this assignment doesn’t seem particularly well-thought out and is extremely insensitive, I’d like to give the teacher at least part of the benefit of the doubt. Writing from that position would be an educational experience, as it would require putting yourself in a position — inside a Nazi propagandist’s mind — that most people can’t imagine. While that doesn’t excuse the insensitivity of the assignment, it does make it easier to understand how an instructor could think that was an appropriate thing to tell the children in their charge to do.

That’s with the assumption, of course, that the teacher is a normal American (whatever that is) and doesn’t support or endorse Nazism/the Third Reich in any way, shape or form.

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