Anti-Gay Bryan Fischer Denies Religious Conservatives Will Lose (VIDEO)

Pakman Fischer

Bryan Fischer, Host of Focal Point and Director of Issues Analysis at the American Family Association, joins David to discuss whether religious conservative social policy is losing big time in the US, and to tell us about his personal life.

It’s well known that Fischer promote an anti-gay agenda, so it’s no surprise, when David suggests the cultural tide is moving toward progressive social values in areas of marriage equality, legalizing marijuana, affirming freedom of choice, etc., that Fischer counters the view…. at least as far as core Republicans. His take:

“It would be a major mistake for the leadership of the Republican party to stick their finger in the wind, think they know which way the wind is blowin’ and then wind up with nobody following them. That would be absolute catastrophe, total suicide for the Republican party, to abandon these core values. They would be finished as a political force in America.”

Fischer goes on to assert that the reasons the party lost in 2012 is because they were too moderate, leaving conservative voters at home. He remains convinced, despite clear cultural shifts, that religious conservatives will succeed if they stick with their core values.

Here’s the video:

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