The GOP Will Never Have The Hispanic Vote And Here Is Why


I don’t watch a lot of TV, and I generally prefer to watch recorded shows so I don’t have to endure commercials, but Friday night, I happened to turn on the TV just as Rachel Maddow was beginning her show. And wow, I am so happy I did.

Maddow was dissecting the GOP’s efforts to try to win over the Hispanic demographic because if they don’t get them their “stupid party” is dead connect with minority voters. Predictably, their efforts are not going well. At all. Did anyone really think they would? In November 2012, they were tossing about words like “electric fence” and “self-deport,” and NOW they’re wanting to get cozy? Hispanic immigrants aren’t stupid. In fact, decades of discrimination have made them quite adept at recognizing false attempts at ingratiation.

To be honest, I was optimistic when I saw Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) making a concerted effort to shift the paradigms of the doofuses in his party. Rubio knows why the GOP can’t capture the Hispanic vote, and it’s become his mantra. When he and the rest of the “Gang of 8” began working on immigration reform, I was delighted. The thing is, I love the Hispanic community far more than I detest the GOP. Anything to give options and hope to these hard-working, family-oriented people is going to earn my support. For one blissful week, it looked as if undocumented immigrants could really begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, I was being naive and the GOP has quickly shown its same old agenda.

As the GOP has stumbled in its attempts to embrace reform, they slowly began to snap. They just can’t keep up the facade. When 2012 GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney won only 27 percent of the Hispanic vote, the GOP (finally) had a wake-up call, but their efforts resemble a mad, chaotic scrambling.

Maddow began her Friday night show with this:

“We begin tonight with the Republican Party,” said Maddow. “A party specifically trying to hack its way out of a wilderness of its own making, trying to connect with, trying to re-introduce themselves to, a whole swath of the American electorate that thinks the Republican Party is ‘ick.’” (Source)

Nine things that show that the GOP is still clueless about immigration reform:

  1. Former governor of Florida and unfortunate brother of “he who shall not be named” Jeb Bush, who has always been completely pro-reform, suddenly did a 180 and become hard-corn right wing on his stance on reform. Bush has 2016 presidential aspirations (yeah, really) and apparently he’s decided that being a complete bigot will improve his chances of securing the GOP nomination. It won’t. Here is the tragedy. Bush has a degree in Latin American studies, speaks fluent Spanish, and is married to a Mexican immigrant. You’d think he’s be the golden boy for the GOP’s outreach efforts, eh?
  2. Eric Cantor forgot what the Dream Act is.
  3. Pennsylvania Congressman Lou Barletta said immigrants are uneducated and will become Democrats if given legal status or citizenship.
  4. Representative Don Young (R-AK) said this: “My father had a ranch. We used to hire 50 or 60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes […]” Do I need to elaborate? (Source)
  5. No  matter what they do, they can’t get Rush Limbaugh to shut up.
  6. North Carolina decided to issue driver’s licenses to DREAMers, but marks them with a “No Lawful Status” label.
  7. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce last week and compared the GOP’s desire to connect with the Hispanic community to a Jerry Seinfeld episode in which Seinfeld decided to date an Asian woman. Paul asked, “Is it racist to like a certain race?” He then proceeded to praise the “romance of Latin culture,” essentially reducing the group of powerful Hispanic business leaders to a bunch of emotional Latin Lovers. The highlight, however, was his reading a love poem by Pablo Neruda.
  8. Paul completely misunderstood the Latino stance on the issues. I’ll admit, too, that I was wrong about  this. I’ve had the general opinion that Latino’s swing right in regards to issues such as abortion and marriage equality. Not so much. Exit polls and other studies have shown differently. Rand Paul was wrong, too. I’ll forgive myself (sort of) as a layperson, but politicians who are trying to woo the Hispanic vote should do their homework.
  9. North Carolina Republican Governor Pat McCrory shut down the state’s office for Latino affairs, demonstrating an acute lack of understanding of the shifting demographics in his state and in this country.

The GOP understands that they need the Hispanic vote in order to stay alive as a party, but I’ve become convinced they’ll never get it. That’s fine with me. We’ll keep the votes and are genuine in our efforts to bring them into American society with dignity.

You can watch this epic Maddow episode below:


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