New Bill In Kansas: Quarantine HIV/AIDS Positive People (VIDEO)


Kansas has lately been diving into conservative legislation, particularly as related to women’s reproductive rights, but now they’ve taken another potentially insensitive stand in putting forth House Bill 2183, which calls for HIV positive people to be quarantined.

Homophobic? David discusses trying to avoid that immediate reaction to look at the logic that might be in play. He reads the bill, sees it includes not only HIV but many other contagious diseases as well. OK… if it’s in a longer list, hopefully it’s not just homophobia at work.

He goes on to look at how the listed diseases are contracted: air, sweat, saliva, tears, coughing, sneezing, etc. All standard transmission methods which might make quarantine make sense.

And HIV? NOT contracted by most of those common methods… so why is it on this particular list for quarantine?

And we’re back to the original question…

See the conversation that follows:

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