George Zimmerman’s Brother’s Bizarre Interview (VIDEO)

Pakman_Zimmerman bro

Robert Zimmerman, Jr., the brother of Trayvon Martin’s killer George Zimmerman, tries to compare the Trayvon Martin to a teen who allegedly shot a baby in the face. Originally making this inane comparison through a tweet, he then gets on CNN’s Piers Morgan show to defend the stance.

As Piers Morgan questions the rationale, Zimmerman dismisses the debate happening on Twitter, claiming he and his family have a better “recollection” about the case than anyone could have debating it in 140 characters, at which point Pakman paused the interview to counter that if Zimmerman thinks Twitter isn’t the place, why did HE start the debate on Twitter?

Of course, as the CNN interview continues, Zimmerman deflects from this point to trying to portray Martin as something more threatening than a “teenage kid”… to which Morgan comes back with the assertion that he was a 17-year-old out getting Skittles. Which inspires Zimmerman to retort, “Now we’re back to the Skittles from the store…”

Watch the video:

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