The David Pakman Show – Conspiracies Explode Over Govt Buying Ammunition (VIDEO)


Forbes magazine has published a piece on the purchasing of ammunition by the government, which has been mentioned many times by conservatives, and we look at the facts behind the superficial numbers.

While those on the right fan the flames of this as being a sign of trouble to come, what’s the truth?

David discusses how Forbes ran a story pointing to The Denver Post saying:

The Denver Post on February 15, ran an Associated Press article entitled ‘Homeland Security Aims To Buy 1.6 Billion Rounds of Ammunition So Far To Little Notice.’

The article confirmed that Homeland Security had issued an open purchase order for the ammunition, some of which was identified as “hollow point rounds,” forbidden by international law by use in war, and the reaction has been that ‘this is evidence, Obama is going to take our guns…cue the sky is falling, etc.”

David, however, posits that wiser minds need to look a little closer at the facts, some of which are being twisted by people like gun lunatic (he of the crazy Piers Morgan interviews), Alex Jones.

See video for the discussion:

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