Conservative Group One Million Moms Accuses Geico Pig Of ‘Bestiality’ (VIDEO)

Maxwell the Geico pig and his date; @AutoBlog

Maxwell the Geico pig and his date; @AutoBlog

Typically the demands of parenting, running an advocacy group, and taking on the world’s media filth would be enough to keep a woman busy, but honestly, these women must seriously – SERIOUSLY – not have enough to do. Maybe it’s because there’s a million of them and not enough real work to go around but, whatever it is, they sure do know how to stir up a bunch ‘a nuthin.’

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The Moms stirrin’ it up with that damn lesbian, Ellen!

Last time it was a JC Penney’s Christmas ad with known lesbian Ellen DeGeneres. The girls got themselves into quite a lather with that one, fanning the flames of homophobia in the name of good Christian consumerism (damned if their kids were going to get presents from a store shilled by a degenerate!). I wrote about it in a piece here at Addicting Info called One Million Moms REALLY Hate Ellen DeGeneres; read and shake your head.

What’s got them hissy-fitting now? Maxwell, the Geico pig. Yes, the cute little pink Geico pig, who’s most recently been annoying flight attendants on planes, is now doing something so heinous, so “disgusting,” that the good Christian mothers of One Million Moms had to stop up and “cry foul” (or would that be, “cry pork”?). It’s not so much the matter of Geico having a pig as a mascot (a porcine counterpart to the sassy British gecko seems a natural follow), it’s what that damn pig is up to that’s got the moms in an uproar:

He’s dating a cute little brunette… HUMAN!!

Dear God, get out the pitchforks and hit the streets, mother!

Apparently while the girls are busy “cleaning up the world,” they’ve completely and utterly lost their sense of humor. Personally, every time I see the ad I laugh out loud, but then again, I always enjoyed the human/animal antics of Sesame Street so maybe I’m a bestiality apologist.

And bestiality is the accusation here. BESTIALITY!

The very humorous set up of the ad is the human girl is on a date with Maxwell, the Geico pig; they’re stuck in a broken down car and, while she swooningly wonders what they’ll do while waiting for a tow truck, he brightly assures her his Geico phone app has summoned said truck which will be there shortly. The disappointment on her face says all, but Maxwell is oblivious, suggesting they spend their wait-time playing “Fruit Ninja.” It’s hilarious and the actress, clearly playing to either nothing or a human standing in for the pig, does a great job.

But to the Moms, it’s BEASTIALITY. Dear God…

Of course, this is not the first time they’ve flung that particular accusation. They were similarly horrified by a Skittles ad of last year that featured a girl kissing a walrus. While that ad tended toward gross in my opinion, the notion of bestiality never crossed my mind; however, the Maxwell pig ad is far more nuanced and much, much funnier. But either way, and with either ad, the intent is clearly just silliness. Yet these women – beyond their general and pervasive homophobia – seem fixated on the notion of human/animal sex. What’s that about?

Of course, fundamentalist Christians are nothing if not hypersensitive about depictions of sexuality in any of its ‘perverse’ forms, whether gay sex, premarital sex, or, you know, animal sex. In fact, it is the great Christian conservative and current Chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission, and editor and publisher of Movieguide, Ted Baehr, who instructed his faithful flock to eschew the delightful 1984 movie Splash because the sweet love affair depicted between Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah’s mermaid was, you got it, “bestiality.”

I’d laugh it off and continue to just poke fun if these people kept their mean-spirited and supposedly spiritually guided opinions to within their coven, I mean, circle, but they make it their mission to proselytize and propagate ignorance and intolerance in the name of God (and given His affinity for lepers and prostitutes, I have my own idea of what Jesus would think of mermaids or Maxwell). Of course, I respect the right of anyone to boycott and criticize companies with whom they disagree (look what we liberals have done with Papa John’s or Chick-fil-A! ), but where liberals push against intolerance, conservatives, particularly conservative Christians, push an agenda of judgment and small-mindedness. Of course, they write it off to religion.  But God only knows… right?

You can go to their site, particularly their “Take Action” page with the headline “Disgusting Geico Ad” (“disgusting” is clearly a favorite words), or certainly take a gander at their Home page where they prattle on about “let us know when you find trash in the media” or how “two inappropriate beach commercials… require our attention” (one can only imagine), or you can put all this in perspective and better spend your time fighting real cultural battles. There are plenty out there; I write about them all the time (just check my archive). But any group that focuses on taking down companies who employ homosexuals, or who define silly (and very funny) commercials as psychologically perverse, are themselves perverse.

And I bet there aren’t near a million of them (yep, Facebook page is still only at 53,660).

Let me leave you with’s comment on the story:

One Million Moms has its eye on Geico… saying, “A bridesmaid was flirting with the gecko in a different commercial, so this is just becoming a norm for GEICO it seems.”

If you think you can stand the filth, the commercial at issue is below.

Tell me if you don’t laugh.



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