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Poll: Republicans And Democrats Both Like Crappy Food, But Different Crappy Food


There’s not much that crosses party lines but it seems when it comes to food, it’s amazing how much we do agree upon. Not surprisingly, according to a Public Policy Poll, we love Coca Cola, we don’t really like to admit we love fast food, or that we’re fat. Americans aren’t big fans of vegans and a bunch of us think the Olive Garden is “authentic” ethnic food.

But before the group hug starts, we also have a lot of mostly superficial differences.

Bagels cross party lines at 34%, but Republicans like donuts and Democrats like croissants. Everyone likes pancakes, with French toast and waffles coming in second and third.

Despite our apparent fast food obsession, 50% of people across the board have an unfavorable view of drive-through dining. 41% have a favorable view. Fewer independents view fast food favorably, at 36%.

Democrats prefer Burger King. Republicans tend to be fairly evenly spread in their fast food preferences, but Wendy’s tops the list. McDonald’s is in fourth place overall – losing to “something else.” However, if (and yes, they asked this) they were to elect a fast food mascot for President, Ronald McDonald would take second place behind “not sure.” The Burger King would be the loser (too soon to bring back the monarchy?).

Proving that bigotry can be a marketing campaign, Chick-fil-A is the preferred chicken of Republicans and the least favorite of Democrats. Dems like KFC. No one really likes Church’s or Popeye’s.

At just 17%, neither party is happy with Papa John’s. Both like Pizza Hut. Domino’s scores even lower than Papa John’s at 15%. A full 72% of Democrats and 41% of Republicans would be willing to pay more to help with employee health care.

Coke beats everything, including beer. Dr. Pepper beats everything but Coke and only 15% of people prefer Pepsi. Republicans like diet soda and Democrats like regular.

Almost 40% of people, on both sides of the aisle, believe The Olive Garden is authentic Italian food. Only 29% of independents feel that way. Only half the country views vegetarians in a favorable light and just 38% feels that way about vegans. Not surprisingly, there’s a partisan split there too. 63% of Democrats view vegetarians (people who eat no meat) favorably and 38% of Republicans do. On vegans (people who neither consume nor wear animal products), even Democrats are less than sympathetic. 48% see them favorably and 31% of Republicans do. Only 6% of respondents were vegetarian and 7% were vegan.

Despite the fact that 1/3 of the country is obese, only 21% think they press the scales that hard.

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