Mitt And Ann Romney Set To Give First Post-Election Interview


Mitt and Ann Romney have lain low since Mr. Romney lost the 2012 presidential race by a landslide to President Barack Obama. Sore loser Mitt was photographed appearing unkempt and disheveled, and rumors have surfaced that suggest that Massachusetts Republicans are eyeing Ann Romney for a Senate seat. (because a major national leadership role in the most powerful nation in the world is the ideal entry-level job for someone whose  work experience is “stay-at-home mom”)

But the Romneys are emerging from seclusion to grant their first post-election interview on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace next week. Fox News spokeswoman Ashley Nerz reports that the interview will be taped this week in southern California and will be aired next Sunday on Fox News Sunday, with some portions being aired the following day. (Washington Post)

Wallace will ask Romney how he has handled the defeat, what his future plans are, and what he thinks about the president’s second-term agenda.

This will be good. I’m very curious about what the Romneys will have to say. Since the election, we’ve learned from Romney’s son Tagg that Mitt honestly never wanted to be president and had no desire to run, so it’s really a blessing that he didn’t win. It’s a demanding job, and you know what they say…if you don’t love your job, you won’t enjoy it or do well at it.

Romney will be joining another failed GOP hopeful – Sarah Palin – on the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in March.  GOP strategy: who are our most high-profile losers? Get them. (Huffington Post)


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