Michelle Obama Gets Her ‘Mom Dance’ On With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)


First Lady Michelle Obama took her Let’s Move Campaign to a whole ‘nother level on Friday when she made her first NBC appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to demonstrate her fabulous dance moves. Mrs. Obama hopes to lead by example and encourage moms to get up and move with their kids.

Fallon donned a pink sweater, khaki pants, and a really-bad-haircut brunette wig, and he and Mrs. Obama knocked it out of the park with “The Evolution of Mom Dancing.” Their moves included the “Go Shopping,” the “Get Groceries,” “Raise the Roof, ” the “Hip Bump,” and “Just the Hands Part of Single Ladies.” They also enjoyed a few classic(ish) moves such as the “Pulp Fiction” and the “Out of Sync Electric Slide.

Fallon asked Obama what her post-FLOTUS plans are, and jokingly (?) suggested that she consider a Clinton/Obama ticket.

“I’ve said it here first—Dream Team, Michelle and Hillary ’16. What do you think?” Fallon asked, according to the Associated Press. (Slate)

The first lady said that she has her eye on another job.

“I hear that when Jay Leno retires that The Tonight Show position is going to open and I’m thinking about putting my hat in the ring,” she quipped. (Slate)

I personally think that this amazing lady can do whatever she sets her mind to do. Now what I”m curious about is…does Fallon have inside info on the liberal dream of a Clinton 2016 potential run? And the first lady did not deny it or act surprised. The plot thickens.

So how about this dancing with the kids idea? Who’s in? Hey, I do it. Just not when the kids’ friends are around. NOT cool.


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