Montana GOP Chairwoman Posts Picture Of ‘Plot To Kidnap President’ Using Watermelon As Bait (IMAGE)

Because the Tea Party is filled with such upstanding (white) citizens, it can be hard for them to express how much they dislike President Obama without “accidentally” stepping over the line into racism. For instance, here’s a picture shared on Facebook by Jennifer Olsen, Chairwoman of the Yellowstone County GOP in Montana:

Courtesy of Rich Diamond

Courtesy of Rich Diamond

Hahahah! Hilarious! But whatever you do, don’t call Tea Party Republicans racist, because, obviously, you’re just playing the race card!

Now, this picture has been around for a few years and it’s not unique in its blatant racism. However, we hear, again and again and again, that the GOP is not racist. The Tea Party is all about fiscal conservatism and they’re not racist either. That’s all fine except the for steady torrent of racism gushing forth for Republicans on an almost daily basis.

The next excuse will probably be that this is an “ISOLATED INCIDENT” and we dirty liberals are just playing that damn race card again. Sure, I’ll buy that just as soon as any of these party officials are ever fired, demoted or even lightly reprimanded for engaging in such overt displays of racism. After all, the right exploded with indignation when a single low ranking black member of the Obama administration “admitted” she was prejudiced against white people. Of course, it turned out that Shirley Sherrod admitted nothing of the sort but the outrage among conservatives was so thick you could have cut have it with a pointy white hood.

On the other hand, when it comes to over the top outbursts of undeniable racism from GOP officials? Well, let’s not read too much into it. I’m sure she was “just kidding” and “some of her best friends are black.” We liberals really have to learn how to take a joke. Unless it’s a minority making a joke at the expense of a white person. Then we should be prepared to string them up the nearest tree. It’s only fair.

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