Westboro Baptist Church Helps Vassar Raise $75,000 For LGBT Youth. You Read That Right

Vassar poster in counter-protest to Westboro 2.28. protest; @BuzzFeed

Vassar poster in counter-protest to Westboro 2.28. protest; @BuzzFeed

Hate can be a clever beast but sometimes even hate gets outwitted. Such is the case with the notorious Westboro Baptist Church and its most recent target, the “Ivy League whorehouse,” Vassar College.

Known more respectfully as a small, private liberal arts college that currently ranks #20 on the Forbes “America’s Top Colleges” list, Vassar has incited the wrath of Westboro by their brazen audacity to “fancy themselves the leading thinkers of our generation” (those whores!). Given this shameful display of self-confidence, and their general hate of “academia,” Westboro has planned one of their notorious rallies on the campus of Vassar for this coming February 28th.

Once wind of this wafted to the student body of Vassar – well, as you can imagine, those youngsters had a field day with it. Buzzfeed posted just some of the Facebook postings in response, which were the expected mix of hilarity and sass, but it was the next step taken that was the real brilliance. From In These Times:

School officials are calmly preparing for the frenzy that comes with a Westboro visit. Vassar’s Acting President Jon Chenette sent students a letter Monday about how to use Westboro’s presence as a way to unite over values of inclusion and tolerance: “In the face of Westboro’s statements, we want to celebrate the inclusiveness of our community and the multitude of backgrounds, interests, and preferences that enrich our experiences,” he wrote. [… ]

Even better, a Vassar alumnus on February 11 proposed a fundraising counter-protest, hosted on the fundraising site Crowdrise.com, to raise $100 for every minute of the Westboro protest for The Trevor Project, a leading suicide prevention organization that specifically focuses on LGBT youth. Students and alumni met their goal of $4,500 within seven hours, according to Josh de Leeuw, the Vassar alumnus who created the Crowdrise fundraising project.

“I posted the fundraiser because I wanted there to be some way for alumni who were not at the college to participate in the response,” he wrote in an email.

So in this stunningly unselfish move for a group of over-privileged, overeducated “whores” of the Ivy League, Vassar (with the ‘help’ of Westboro), has raised more than $75,000 as of February 15th. Making it the very first time the Westboro Baptist Church has “collaborated” with one of its targets to do something admirable for the LGBT community.

If founder Fred Phelps were dead, he’d be rolling over in his grave.

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