Ex-FEMA Head That Left Thousands Trapped By Katrina In Superdome Mocks New Orleans Again

MDB-KOA-Radio-Publicity-2Some people never get over their failures and the need to blame everyone else for them.

Case in point: Michael “Heck of a job” Brown, the head of FEMA during the Bush administration. Brown, who was a key player in the national embarrassment that was the federal government response to Hurricane Katrina, is still quite offended that anyone thinks he left thousands of people stranded throughout New Orleans after the storm had devastated the city. Last year, he took the opportunity to criticize the Obama administration for responding too early to Superstorm Sandy (because preparing for a disaster sounds opportunistic?). This past Monday, just a few hours after the Superdome suffered a partial power outage during the Super Bowl, Brown took the opportunity to insult the city he left to rot:

Get it? Because when he left thousands of people stranded in the Superdome with power, food, water or even bathrooms for the better part of the week, there was fighting! What a bunch of animals they are in New Orleans!
Here’s just a taste of the skill and dedication that “Heck of a job Brownie” brought to his job as the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Via Wikipedia:

The New York Times reported that 91,000 tons of ice ordered by FEMA at a cost of over $100 million and intended for hospitals and food storage for relief efforts never made it to the disaster area. Federally contracted truck drivers instead received orders from FEMA to deliver the ice to government rented storage facilities around the country, as far north as Maine. In testimony to a House panel, FEMA director Michael D. Brown stated that “I don’t think that’s a federal government responsibility to provide ice to keep my hamburger meat in my freezer or refrigerator fresh.”[39]

In a September 15, 2005 New York Times opinion column about the privately owned Methodist Hospital in New Orleans, Bob Herbert wrote, “Incredibly, when the out-of-state corporate owners of the hospital responded to the flooding by sending emergency relief supplies, they were confiscated at the airport by FEMA.”[40]

A September 16, 2005 CNN article about Chalmette Medical Center stated, “Doctors eager to help sick and injured evacuees were handed mops by federal officials who expressed concern about legal liability… And so they mopped, while people died around them.

To be sure, the local and state response was a wreck as well, but Brown really took it to a new level. Yet several years later, Brown is not only unrepentant of the blood on his hands, he actively hostile to criticism. This really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since Brown’s career these days is an AM Hate Radio host meaning his entire job is to feed red meat to the racist GOP base. Fortunately, it doesn’t require much in the way of professionalism, integrity and certainly not intelligence to spew anger and bigotry on the airwaves so I’m sure Brown will, indeed, do a heck of a job.

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