‘Responsible Gun Owners’ Stray Bullets Pepper Neighborhood (VIDEO)

On January 16th, police were called in Montville Township, Ohio, in response to repeated gunfire hitting homes. When the police went to investigate, they too fell under fire. Was it some madman out to create death and destruction? No, it was two men target practicing in their backyard, just as NRA advocates claim is safe use of assault weapons. Here is the story, covered by WEWS News 5:

By advocacy groups’ complete disregard and lack of respect for the lethality of firearms, they teach bad habits which result in this kind of activity. Had these men been using a weapon with normal ammunition, their setup would not have impacted anyone. But, assault weapons are not normal guns, they are designed to continue going, to penetrate, and cause as much damage as possible. Compare for yourself, a normal rifle bullet against the ammo for the AR-15 of similar caliber:

Because the NRA and similar organizations refuse to address responsibility, calling any attempt to enforce responsible behavior as an attempt to take away their guns. This of course creates an impasse, making any attempts to ensure safety and security inside one’s own home impossible. Expect the NRA’s lawyers to be defending these two backyard warriors against the charges of shooting up their neighbor’s home. They are fortunate it was only material damage.

A bullet does not care if it hits a paper target, a rock, or a person. It is an inanimate object. While many things can kill, most are close up, and can be controlled at any point. A gun, on the other hand, is a long-range weapon, and once fired, the person shooting it has lost control of the results. The bullet can travel not feet, but yards away, out of sight, and injure or kill someone not even visible or known to the shooter. This is what those advocating for common sense gun regulations understand. The NRA, and other gun advocates fail to understand that guns are a deadly weapon, and as such they need to be “well-regulated” as the 2nd Amendment clearly states. And due to this lack of understanding, should the next “recreational assault weapons” incident result in injury, or fatality, it is the gun advocates’ ultimate responsibility.

Nathaniel Downes is the son of a former state representative of New Hampshire, now living in Seattle Washington.
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