Alabama’s Sex-Ed Curriculum Teaches Kids Being Gay Is ‘Criminal’

A dramatization of an Alabama school blackboard.

A dramatization of an Alabama school blackboard.

Alabama State Rep. Patricia Todd, the first openly gay person elected to the legislature in the nation’s 6th dumbest state, has introduced for the second time a bill to roll back the state’s bigoted and archaic sex-ed curriculum, which requires educators to teach that homosexuality is “not acceptable” and a “criminal offense.”

Rep. Todd introduced a similar bill last year that never made it out of committee, reports the Human Rights Campaign blog. If actually brought to the floor and passed, the bill would repeal the state’s current anti-gay curriculum and place limitations on the Alabama legislature’s role in sex education, conferring trust instead in the federal Dept. of Ed to set Alabama’s sex education rules.

Here is the link to a listing of the “minimum contents” of sex education for impressionable young minds in Alabama. Sandwiched in between lots of talk about abstinence, STDs, and the cost of raising a child is this shockingly bigoted nugget:

(8) An emphasis, in a factual manner and from a public health perspective, that homosexuality is not a lifestyle acceptable to the general public and that homosexual conduct is a criminal offense under the laws of the state.

Contrary to what is reflected in this statute, same-sex sexual activity was legalized in the state in 2003, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Lawrence v. Texas struck down all state laws banning sodomy. Not surprisingly, the Alabama legislature has not moved to repeal its now unenforceable state anti-sodomy law.

Rep. Todd’s commendable fight will be an uphill battle. In June 2006, the Alabama “Sanctity of Marriage” Amendment passed with 81 percent of the vote, banning both same-sex marriage and civil unions in the state constitution.

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