NOM’s Maggie Gallagher Going Down – Loses 17-Year Syndicated Column


Maggie Gallagher is quite possibly the most homophobic woman in America. She has literally made a career of battling marriage equality. Therefore, it is very difficult for anyone who is not a raging homophobic bigot to feel sorry for her, or even to resist a little kick when she is down. Count me among them, and, well, she is definitely down now. She might be sliding down so quickly we might not have to listen to or read another word of her quackery very soon. We definitely know that we will not be reading it, since her column is no more.

The bigoted co-founder  and former President of the infamous National Organization for Marriage(NOM) has now chosen to close her syndicated column after seventeen years, The Huffington Post reports. Printed in anywhere from 25 to 35 newspapers each week, the Universal Click run column was Gallagher’s platform to trumpet her ignorance regarding the LGBT community, our reasons for championing marriage equality, and any number of other things surrounding the subject. Universal Click’s assistant managing editor, Clint Hooker, was surprised by the move to close the column and told The Huffington Post that he “tried to talk her out of it.”

Despite my pleasure at this latest nail in NOM’s coffin, I gotta give it to Maggie. Perhaps she is simply jumping off a sinking ship, considering the fact that there were huge wins for marriage equality with likely more on the way this election season, and that she has often been a laughingstock with her bizarre, bigoted television statements.  At least she realizes that she is on the losing side of things and is stepping away gracefully. Her ridiculous far-right ideas about a “strong marriage culture” where everyone lives like June and Ward Cleaver are a picture of an America that never was – a fantastical bigot’s wet dream of misogyny and homophobia- are quickly going the way of the dodo bird, and it seems she knows it. Her resignation in 2010 as NOM’s President, and now this closing of her anti- marriage equality column scream that she knows she is losing. That is the only logical reason for her abandoning her life’s work.  She even admitted that she knows she is on the losing end of things in the last edition of her column, saying that  “On every key measure, marriage is weaker.”

Yeah, sure, if your idea of marriage is a Dick and Jane book.

Look, Maggie, you need to realize that there are all kinds of families out there, and not all of them look like yours. Oh, wait, the ones that you condemn do look a little like yours, considering that you raised your son alone and are married to a man who is not his father at this time. You always leave out those convenient facts, though, don’t you? The thing is, though, they are out there. Oh, and when will you start to wear your wedding ring, appear at events with your husband, and use your married name rather than your maiden one? Never? Just as I thought. Hypocrite. Good riddance.

Here is a partial copy of the email correspondence in which Gallagher answers questions regarding the closing of the column, courtesy of our friends a The Huffington Post:

Why did you decide to end your column now? 

Well, I found pulling off a weekly column was getting harder and harder and interfering with some other projects I value more. I began to resent writing in 600 words only, and I wanted more time to think. So many people are flailing, I want time to think. Plus, newspapers are dying and while getting a syndicated column was an achievement when I started, it’s now more of a dinosaur. I want to free myself up to do something new. The first iteration of that is building an audience for my weekly letter posted at But that’s only the first iteration.


Do you think anything positive could come from states legalizing same-sex marriage?

Not really. I hope I’m wrong though. Oh, except for making it less likely the Supreme Court will decide that gay people are politically powerless and need special court protection to function in a democracy.

Oh, and of course it would make some gay people happy so that’s a good thing. Good that someone will be happy!

Looking back on the last two decades of your work, what are you the most proud of?

I spoke the truth about the good, within the limits of my insight, whether it made me popular, or whether it made me hated — or both.

Truth indeed. We can definitely say that it made you wildly unpopular, and I think you can agree.

Read the interview in its entirety at the Huffington Post.