Top 10 Ways Obama Made Liberals Proud In 2012

Going for the Goal. (White House Photo)

Going for the Goal. (White House Photo)

Here is a concise list of the top 10 ways President Barack Obama made liberals – and the nation – proud in 2012:

1. Obama tells Barbara Walters it “doesn’t make sense” to prosecute recreational marijuana in states that have legalized it.

2. Obama holds the line on increasing tax rates for the wealthy, refusing to re-renew Bush tax cuts for the top 2 percent, sticking up for the true will of the American people, even if it means we go over the fiscal cliff.

3. Obama responds to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting tragedy with compassion – and “active support” of an assault weapons ban.

Speaking Dec. 14 on Sandy Hook tragedy

Speaking Dec. 14 on Sandy Hook tragedy

4. Obama, former constitutional law professor, sees his healthcare mandate past muster on the conservative-controlled U.S. Supreme Court, meaning “Obamacare” is now the “law of the land.”

5. Obama announces his support of gay marriage.

6. With an election on the line and his opponent continuing campaign stops, Obama drops everything to coordinate Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, reaching across the partisan divide.

Two men put politics aside and reach across the aisle.

Two men put politics aside and reach across the aisle.

7. Corporations are not people! Obama voices his support for a constitutional amendment to overturn the outrageous Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court decision that ruled “Money is Speech,” opening the floodgates for private interest spending on elections.

8. After failing to impress in his first debate performance with Mitt Romney, Obama came back swinging in Debate #2, and then perfected his zingers in the final debate on foreign policy.

9. Obama’s administration kicked off the year with a historic $25 billion settlement over the detestable foreclosure practices of the five biggest mortgage loan servicers – a sum that was criticized as not being large enough. But the Dept. of Justice has continued to pursue bank accountability throughout 2012, hitting BoA with another suit for “rampant instances of fraud and other serious loan defects” in October and signaling another $10 billion foreclosure fine just today, to name a few actions.

10. Despite being outspent in negative ads by more than $71 million and heading into the election with the highest unemployment rate of any successful re-election bid since Franklin D. Roosevelt, Obama won a second term, proving he has the superior strategy, grit and character needed to prevail.

Victory! (White House photo)

Victory! (White House photo)

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