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Bizarro World – Fox News Claims Westboro Baptist Church Is Liberal

With the counter-protest against the Westboro Baptist Church a success, many had considered this story long in the past. But here comes Fox News, who, with their coverage of the event, made a radical and very erroneous accusation in their caption illustrating the story:

Yes, you read that right, the Westboro Baptist Church is, according to Fox News, a “left wing cult,” while those counter-protesting were “Conservative bikers.”

The motorcycle riders in this case were members of the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR), a non-partisan organization set up in response to the hate-filled WBC protests, to act as guards and shelter for the families in mourning. Founded in 2005, at American Legion Post 136 in Mulvane, Kansas, the PGR’s mission is simple: to show their sincere respect for our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities while shielding the mourning family and friends from interruptions created by any protester or group of protesters. They abstain from politics, as any good soldier, and instead focus on the appropriate manner with which to fight against the vile hatred spat out by the Westboro Baptist Church.

Fox News, of course, does not want to admit that on a daily basis they espouse the same positions the WBC preach. Their distorted view of the world is in black and white. Behavior they support is called Conservative; behavior they oppose they call Liberal or left-wing. But the fact is, the Westboro Baptist Church is very much a conservative organization. Fox News can never admit this, because they have an inability to comprehend that words have meanings. They can claim that the Westboro Baptist Church is left-wing from now until forever, but the fact is they stand for the same things:

  • Both are against marriage equality
  • Both are for the replacement of constitutional government with religious dogma of their particular form of Christianity
  • Both are for the reduction of the rights of minorities and women
  • Both are for getting rid of reproductive rights and family planning

But, of course Fox News has never cared about facts in the first place. Their focus instead is on perpetuating these very kind of organizations. Without the right-wing hate media represented by Fox News, there would never have been a Westboro Baptist Church. Before 1991, the WBC was just another evangelical Baptist church. With the rise of right-wing hate media, and the evidence of how right-wing hatred can generate money, the church changed tactics, creating its now famous protest signs. The WBC is just a reflection of the same hateful rhetoric which Fox News taps into every single day. It is too late for Fox News to claim innocence; the WBC is their problem.