More Republicans Believe In Demonic Possession Than Climate Change

Harper's Index

Harper’s Index

Harper’s Magazine has put out their yearly Index and some of the numbers are… interesting. The subjects range from government numbers to Girl Scouts to, yes, climate change and demonic possession. So let’s take a little trip through numberland and see the way the wind is blowing.

Starting with the number of people who believe in climate change, we can note that Canadians are pretty on-the-ball when it comes to this: 98% of them accept the overwhelming evidence. The percentage of Americans who do is 70, while only 48% of Republicans attach any weight to the problem. On the other hand, Republicans accept demonic possession at a rate of 68%. Apparently evidence means nothing to some people.

The number of girls who are currently Girl Scouts is only 8% — I thought it would be higher than that. But the number of women in Congress who were in the Girl Scouts is 70%. Maybe some of those Girl Scout ethics made these ladies go into public service. Or, in some cases, maybe not (Michele Bachmann, anyone?).

You remember after the election when some folks in Texas screeched about seceding? There was a petition that was posted online and it gained 100,000 signatures within a week. Nevermind that it would not be legal — it’s Texas! You know, all rebel-y and stuff. And Freedomz!

Or how about the $2.5 billion that mortgage lenders set aside in a government settlement? It’s meant to help home owners who have lost their homes due to foreclosure.  Some state officials plan on using that money for other purposes: two out of five of them anyway.

With unemployment numbers where they are, it’s interesting to note that some folks have no idea how to present themselves properly at an interview. So-called “millennials” apparently don’t know how to dress for success, as their attire is the number one reason they don’t get the job. Right behind that is their posting of inappropriate pictures on Facebook or Twitter. Come on, kids, it’s called professionalism.

Other strange and fascinating numbers from the article:

  • Cost of a pair of “all-American” blue jeans designed by Glenn Beck: $129.99
  • Average number of days a U.S. veteran waits for a response to a claim filed with the Department of Veterans Affairs: 260
  • Minimum number of Red Bull–sponsored athletes who have died in parachuting, paragliding, and skydiving stunts: 5
  • Rank of Philadelphia among U.S. cities with the most per capita purchases of sweatpants and sweatshirts: 1
  • Percentage of characters shown on television in the United States who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual: 4.4
  • Price of a week-long prostitution training course offered… (in Valencia, Spain)…: $127

And one statistic that really, really needs to change:

  • Average salary earned by a full-time-employed male college graduate one year after graduation: $42,918
  • By a full-time-employed female graduate: $35,296

Finally, it’s nice to know that the average American need only work for 3.3 minutes to afford a 12-ounce beer. Those workers in India who crave a nice brewski have to work 36 hours to pay for one. God bless the USA.