Huffington Post Chronicles Barrage Of Gun Deaths In Week Since Newtown (IMAGE)

If you’ve visited the Huffington Post homepage in the last day, you’ve seen this:

Partial Screen Capture of HuffPost homepage

Partial Screen Capture of HuffPost homepage

The Huffington Post searched the internet for news about gun-related homicides and accidents in the U.S. over the last week, logging more than 100. Variants of the words “shot” and “shooting” appear at least 66 times within the full collection of headlines, which mostly link to local news stories.

The article concedes that its research is by no means complete. There are roughly 11,493 gun homicides each year in the U.S., which is an average of 221 per week, or more than 31 per day, according to 2009 Centers for Disease Control data. (The CDC number is about 25 percent higher than the 2009 gun homicide figures I reported here, which were based on United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime data for the U.S.)

Earlier in the week, we reported that guns will soon be deadlier than cars in terms of fatality rates. All together, there were 31,236 firearm deaths in the U.S. in 2009, according to the CDC. That averages out to 600 people dying from gun shots each week, counting homicides, accidents and suicides.

No one can say the conversation on gun control hasn’t been started. Now it’s up to us to demand that the National Rifle Association doesn’t have its way, and that actual “meaningful” gun control legislation gets passed – the only good thing that could come from this horrible tragedy.

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